The laser race finished the pentathlon competition at the Tokyo Olympics. The Poles presented themselves on the good side in the last competition. Sebastian Stasiak finished fifth and Kasaz Gutkowski eighth in the competition classification.

Jacek Pavowski

From left, Ahmed El Gendy and Joseph Chung Wongtai Jun

PAP/EPA/Wu Hong/ Pictured: Left: Ahmed El Gendy, Joseph Chung and Woongtae Jun

In the last modern five-a-side competition, shooting with a laser pistol, Czech actor Martin Vlach turned out to be the best, with a runtime of 9:39.03 and a shooting time of 51.10, adding 670 points to his account, which is new. Olympic record.

Our first player, Sebastian Stasiak, did an excellent job of shooting and took 36.87 seconds. Unfortunately, he did a slightly worse job running. Time 10:19.08 gave a total of 10:55.95 and 645 points.

The second White-Reds were slightly better, clocking 10:14.86, unfortunately missing the shooting advantage, with a score of 47.64, which gave a total of 11:02.50 and 638 points for the overall classification.

Watch the video: Pawe Fajdek with the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Will he be pleased with this achievement?

In the final ranking, two of our players were placed outside the top ten. ukasz Gutkowski was ranked 12th with a score of 1440 points, behind him was Sebastian Stasiak ranked 13th, with a similar score of 1440 points.

Rating on the platform:

1. Joseph Chong (Great Britain) 1,482 points (Olympic record)
2. Ahmed El Gendy (Egypt) – 1,477 points
3. Woongtae Jun (Korea Pd.)

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