8th Baltic Geography Olympiad – Six Medals for Polish Students


Six medals (three gold, silver and bronze), as well as a victory in the individual and group rankings are the achievements of our students at the 8th Baltic Olympics (Baltic iGeo). Representatives from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland participated in the event, which was held in Kaunas. The competition is one of the stages of preparation for the International Olympiad on Geography (iGeo).

Polish students results on Balitc iGeo

Gold medals won:

  • Peter Zawarnicki (General Secondary School No. III with Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bilingual Departments in Opole) – 1st place,
  • Mateusz Tomicka (II Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Secondary School in Rybnik) – 2nd place,
  • Radoslav Beta (Secondary School Twenty-seven in Tadeusz Czacki in Warsaw) – 3rd place.

silver achievement Anna Zentek (VIII Aadam Mickiewicz High School in Poznan).

Bronze medalists:

  • Łukasz Baran (High School of the Catholic Cultural Society of Bielsko-Biała),
  • Philip Schuck (VIII Władysław IV High School in Warsaw).

Polish students also took first place in the individual rating, as well as the first place in the team rating. Behind the podium were Jakub Pańczak (third secondary school of Cyprian Kamil Norwid in Rzeszów) and Adam Grzyb (third secondary school of the Polish Navy in Gdynia).

During the four-day competition, the Olympians took written exams, participated in field competitions and answered 40 questions from a multimedia quiz.

Baltic Geography Olympiad (Baltic iGeo)

The Baltic iGeo competition has been running since 2014. So far it has been held in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The eighth edition of the project was held in Kaunas. The aim of the competition is to popularize and deepen geographical knowledge, awaken young people’s interest in geography, develop talents, encourage creative thinking, and apply geographical skills in practice.

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The Poles have been participating in Baltic iGeo since 2015. The Polish representation of eight people: five participants are students with the highest scores in the final competition of the Geographical Olympiad, and the remaining three are high-ranking students in smaller classes of the matura exam.

The Baltic iGeo competition is a preparatory stage for the International Geography Olympiad, iGeo.

Congratulations to all competitors!