Jesse Nelson’s boyfriend, Sean Sagar, returned to Instagram the day after the Little Mix star confirmed she was taking a long break from the group.

The 29-year-old singer shocked fans Tuesday night when she revealed in a statement her plans to take a temporary hiatus from the band for “special medical reasons”.

It came after Jesse withdrew from several appearances with her band mates and weeks since she was last posted on social media.

Just over 24 hours after the news spread, Sean Sagar took Jesse’s friend with him Instagram Page to share a video with his followers.

The supporting actor posted a video of his brother doing a new lead Netflix The Princess Switch movie.

Sean Sagar described Jesse as his “reason to be happy” in an October post

Kevin Sagar stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens in the new festive movie.

The older brother of Our Girl superstar Sean has moved to Los Angeles from London to pursue his acting career.

Sean shared his pride in his brother as he teased a preview of his new movie role Wednesday night.

Sean has shared “Princess Switch 2 on Netflix Tomorrow” adding “Tis the Season”.

The star has yet to comment on her friend Jesse’s temporary departure from her ex-husband The x factor Girl win.

Jesy has also shared adorable photos with her husband

His last post about his pop star girlfriend came in October, when he shared a snapshot of her sitting on his knee.

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“The reason for my happiness,” Sean poured out.

It was reported that Jesse and Sean had a relationship after the Little Mix star split up with her Love island Superstar Chris Hughes is back in April.

Fans have noticed that the couple leave Instagram comments on each other before seeing them together on different dates.

Then in August 2020, the couple was spotted enjoying a stay in Cornwall, as they were happy to take photos with their fans.