The title “Madagascar” is a metaphysical space in which we now cast the remains of prominent Poles of Jewish descent – Małgorzata Dębska, director of PAP’s “Madagascar” show. The premiere of the play is on November 4 at the Jewish Theatre.

“The years our heroes lived in were an inspiration for the theatrical form of performance. This is the music and format of interwar theaters that they can watch for themselves” – explained Dębska

“We wanted to consciously refer to Himar. In addition, Julian Tweem himself collaborated with this type of theater,” she confirmed. She pointed out that the creators of the show “were also inspired by the history of Jewish theater, where popular conferences were farce and singing.”

“In our performance, the farce acts as a test and a test of the characters’ identity. Like everything on this island, it is supposed to define their identity. They must form themselves in the situation in which the superior character threw them, is Prażmatką Ewa performed by Gołda Tencer “- explained the director.

“Our writer Magdalena Drab invented a new term to describe the origin and identity of our heroes. We call them + Ży-Po +. Jews, Poles, Poles, Jews – for some of them there was no problem. The basics of how they were conceived, for example Tweem “- she said.

She pointed out that “the title + Madagascar + is a metaphysical space in which we now throw the remains of prominent Poles of Jewish origin.” “We no longer have access to their physical presence – we have left quotes from Wikipedia, formulas, bits of knowledge about their identity. Sometimes it is easier for us to close these parts in different + Madagascar + as in drawers” – said Dębska.

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“The performance looks cheerful, theatrical, but metaphorically tells about a group of people locked in a very small space, where they are tested, tried, and sometimes even tortured, because some questions simply cannot be escaped” – the director noted.

Małgorzata Dębska explained that Krystyna Czubówna will also be present at the performance. “Her narration and comments will help viewers clarify the situation they will find themselves in. It is a strange island in the metaphysical Pacific Ocean,” she said.

“+ Madagascar + metaphysical horror inspired by the fate of outstanding Poles of Jewish origin” – we read in the advertisement on the website of the Jewish Theatre.

As mentioned, “Madagascar is a strange island located off the coast of Africa”, and at the same time “an unfulfilled dream of the Poles about a colonial empire.” France was once willing to cede its colony to Poland, on the condition that Poland would send all the Jews from Europe there. The offer was so tempting that even the preparations began… But it was already 1936, the dreams of the colonies soon faded – and although The catchy slogan: + The Jews of Madagascar + – The plan never came to fruition ”- it was written.

“Madagascar is a fictional world in the play – for those with whom we don’t know what to do,” he explained. “It is a space of exile for spirits of unknown origin, a complex past or suspicious traits. They have no place in hell, in nothingness, in heaven. They are held in a tropical antechamber, sent to an island, and are still waiting, ”- explained Dębska.

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“We will meet Stanislaw Lim, Helena Rubinstein, Julian Tweem, Helena Deutsch, Samuel Goldwyn, Ludwik Zamenhof there. And many others … They are watched by the Jew Primateka, Iowa at first, since the time of the Tower of Babel did not yet exist “- wrote on the site The stage.