According to the Daily Mail, the shark seen near the Jersey Shore is not unknown. This white shark with a height of about 4 meters is Ironbound – a 20-year-old predator from Nova Scotia, which is observed by scientists from the ocean research group Ocearch.

Great white shark near the Jersey Shore. Is there anything to worry about?

The presence of a ton of predators is a cause for concern among the people of the Jersey Shore. This happens, inter alia, because of the troublesome past of this region.

Between July 1 and July 12, 1916, several shark attacks occurred along about 130 kilometers off the coast of New Jersey. As a result of the actions of predators, four people died, one – 12 years old – was pulled from the jaws of the attacker, but her leg had to be amputated at knee level.

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It was the events of 1916 that inspired Peter Benchley, author of “Szczęki”, On its basis a cult film of the same name was created. But Ocearch’s Bob Heater reassured Jersey Shore that they had no reason to fear a predator.

Bob Hetter explains that Ironbound will only remain in Florida temporarily. The great white shark goes to warm regions for the winter and gains weight, and when the weather is good enough for the inhabitants to rest on the beaches and get into the water, they will leave.