Salon expert Agata talks about how to prepare for the new season, revealing some helpful tricks during the spring cleanup.

author: 16 MARC 2021 13:31

Spring is approaching so it’s time to throw out the winter stuff that won’t be useful in the coming months. All boxes, baskets and organizers will help you, thanks to which you will master the space and keep order throughout the year. A good plan is key, so start making changes now so you can enjoy the harmony of spring for as long as possible

Wardrobe changes

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With the advent of the new season, our needs change, which is why it is so important to properly prepare the interior for the coming months after a long winter. One proven method is to use the plastic, textile or cardboard boxes in which we will store the materials for the next year. Use the function of your wardrobe and divide it into zones. On the upper shelves, place boxes of winter clothes and Christmas decorations, as well as deflated bags of thick, warm textiles. At lower levels, you can get baskets and organizers with items you may need in the spring. On the bar, place hangers with pegs or swivel hangers for light clothes. In contrast, warm winter coats and jackets should be put in blankets – they protect against dirt and dust all year round. Thanks to this organization, you will only have useful articles at your fingertips.

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– It is also useful to use interior accessories and drawer organizers, which will keep order and ensure proper arrangement of small items of clothing and jewelry. Plus, bamboo baskets will work well with the most important items. It’s not only a practical solution – it’s also a great interior, so it’ll look great in a visual setting, in a living room or bedroom – advises Natalia Novak, Agata Salon Interior Design expert.

Order in the kitchen

Spring is also a good time to review kitchen cabinets. Often they contain accessories and utensils that have not been used for a long time, and they take up valuable space. Make a careful choice and leave only the products you use. Put stylish cutlery or Christmas baking molds on the top shelves – you won’t be using them anytime soon, and you’ll have a free place.

Proper kitchen organization is affected by proper food storage. Often bulk products in packaging take up a lot of space, and lose their freshness after opening. An ideal solution can be storage boxes and jars in which you can tightly close purchased products. Some of them should be placed in cabinets, others on the counter – jars with spices or transparent glass jars will decorate the kitchen – Natalia Novak adds.

Let order also prevail in your fridge – choose a decorative butter bowl or a glass lemon jar – remember that storage containers increase the freshness of some products.

Spring is at home

Plus, your interior will gain a new charm if you add spring accents. Bright textures and floral patterns can change any living room or dining room arrangement. Choose decorative pillows with foliage motif, brightly colored table pillows – also change the existing curtains, through which the sun will fall into your home. Place a decorative vase on the table for cut flowers. Let window sills decorate modern pots of herbs and favorite plants. Add some freshness to the dining room, too – choose mugs in trendy colors this season with fancy patterns that will be a perfect companion for family gatherings.

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Small changes in the interior can ensure great effects. Start the new season well and organize your space now, bringing freshness and harmony into the arrangement. Don’t forget the seasonal decorations that make every sunny day even more fun.