The studies in Management and Economics offered by the Institute of Economics, Finance and Management at Jagiellonian University have more than 20 years of history. Is this a lot compared to six centuries of university activity? In a linear approach to time, perhaps not, but the pace of changes we observe locally and globally, the continuous technological development and transformation of institutions and organizations requires scientific description and attempts to explain them, and practitioners anticipate proposals that will underpin the real-world effects of these changes. IEFiZ UJ is a place for methodological meetings of students with an invitation to lectures with prominent representatives of the world of science, business media (practice, science, practice), public administration and sport (meetings with an expert).


To meet today’s challenges, the Institute of Financial Economics and Management of the Jagiellonian University is systematically enriching its educational offer. A unique educational project, which is becoming more and more popular, is the “Business and Finance” course in English. Among the students of this college you can meet citizens of different countries, and not just Europeans – students from China and India participate in studies with students from the USA or Mexico.

The advantages offered by the institute include: a wide range of study programmes, prestigious education quality certificates, contracts with foreign universities (dual diplomas), student exchanges with foreign academic centers, space for student activities as part of projects and many initiatives, UJOT. FM and UJOT .TV – Modern media and rich educational infrastructure.

Jagiellonian University Without Borders

In the face of the new reality, we face contemporary challenges. With the support of the Jagiellonian University Central Teaching Center, we conduct remote classes in real time. Lecturers and students can access secure distance learning platforms such as MS Teams, BigBlueButton (Pegaz, Jaszczur or Krakus) or Webex

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What do we offer?

Studies outside the walls of the first degree

Finance, Banking, Insurance, Management – Company, Personnel, International

Second-class foreign studies

Accounting, Financial Financial Management, Marketing and Logistics Control, Human Resource Management – Psychology in Management

Graduate Studies

Lean Management and Human Resource Management for Lean Offices Public Relations and Audit Management

Jagiellonian University Faculty of Management and Social Communication Institute of Economics, Finance and Management 30-348 Krakow, ul. a. S. Łojasiewicza 4