The challenge facing Europe is balancing Brexit, and this can be accomplished by consolidating cooperation within the Weimar Triangle between Poland, France and Germany – says the French deputy, head of the Franco-Polish Friendship Group in the National Assembly Frederick Petit, PAP.

Acceleration of Polish-French relations

We have recently accelerated Polish-French relations with regard to visits to Poland by Ministers Frank Riester and Clement Boone, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gwen, and the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki to Paris. A year ago, President Emmanuel Macron was in Poland

– Remember Mr. Petit.

Despite the epidemic, we have also started parliamentary cooperation, especially in agriculture, where we have common interests. Polish farmers want to learn from the French how to produce protein from unconventional and vegetable crops and how to produce more locally, not import.

– Shows Vice at ZN.

The future of Europe is nuclear energy. “

When asked about the topics of the conversation between Macron-Moravelli, the French politician said:

Nuclear energy is the future of Europe. Without it, there would be no CO2 neutrality and no energy independence for the European Union. The French President and the Polish Prime Minister will talk about this during the meeting.

In the future, production processes will be more integrated, and for this reason we need an economic hub, which could be Weimar, that is, cooperation between our country and Germany.

– MP has been added.

The Poles are also interested in Franco-German military projects, and building a European plane or tank. We also need defensive cooperation, which is why we need a greater understanding of what is called the partner’s illusion, that is, their fears and thoughts. I mean views on Russia. In France, we know very little about the concerns of our partners in Poland or Estonia

– Betty says.

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I really liked the balanced speech of Prime Minister Moravsky on Russian-European relations and I think the talks on this topic could be enjoyable for both the Polish Prime Minister and the French President.

– Said Petit.

There are tensions in Polish-French relations, but I always stress in an interview with French parliamentarians that Polish society is more pro-European than French, according to opinion polls.

Petit notes, adding that Polish-French relations in the context of Brexit are “proof of the future” for both countries.

In the circle of our government there are people who do not want close cooperation with Eastern Europe, with Poland, but only within the so-called Old Europe, but I think this is an old thinking and a mistake. There is no Europe without Poland, the Balkans or Romania

– The deputy confirms.

When we created the European Coal and Steel Community, there were also many conflicts between us and Germany, but we managed to overcome them. I believe that there is no Europe without conflicts

– Political calls.

I feel comfortable in Krakow, I feel at home there. I feel at home in Europe to the border with Belarus. The French feel well in Poland, and it is an honor for me to represent these people in the French Parliament

– The deputy notes.

Representative Petit also referred to the political debate in Poland.

The current political debate in Poland is a discussion about the past, how do we leave communism, but the youth and society do not think about it anymore and look to the future, and the future of Europe is a society with Poland and more and more people in France understand that.

Petit summarizes.

I think 90 percent. Franco-Polish relations are economic relations and that is very good

Commenting on the recent visit of Minister Responsible for Investments and Trader Frank Riester, Pettitt confirms.

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