The Belgian track meeting organized in Ghent has ended. On the last day we were able to watch a good run for the Polish and Polish women – Daria Piccolek took fifth place in the qualifying race, and Philippe Prokobizin finished fourth in the men’s under-23 race.

Filip Prokopyszyn and Radosław Frątczak made their way through the qualifiers for the Zero and Men’s Under-23 points. In the beginning, Irish Jack P. Murphy was the fastest. The podium was completed by Michael Zieglaard (Netherlands) and Tour Denis (Belgium), while Philippe Prokobesen finished fourth, who finished first in Peloton. Radosław Frątczak came in 14th.

Valerie Thibaud (Switzerland), Casper van Oden (Netherlands) and Jacques P. Murphy dominated the points race. Each of them made 3 laps on the set and in that order placed themselves in the overall ranking. Philip Procobizin ranked seventeenth. Radosław Frątczak rode actively, but due to a fall he did not finish the competition.

All Polish women – Łucja Pietrzak, Daria Pikulik, Nikol Płosaj and Wiktoria Pikulik – have successfully passed the qualifications for the women’s elite race. Daria Piccolek did better, taking fifth place. Christine Wilde from Holland won the race. Katie Archibald (Great Britain) and Letizia Paternoster (Italy) completed the podium. Nicole Bossage finished 11th, Łucja Pietrzak finished 1st and Wiktoria Pikulik 20th.

No Polish cyclist was able to qualify for the men’s elite elite – in the decisive race, Alain Panaszek (the heart of Mazuzzi in Poland) was in 13th, Philip Prokobizen 14, and Radoslaw Fruchak 16. – Baloise, who was faster in the end than Jan Willem van Scape From the cycling house. Third place went to William Perrett z Spielman Dublin Port Track T.a.

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The middle-distance runners also competed in the 50-kilometer Madison. The pace of the race was very fast from the start. Final points were scored mainly by the cycling house (Jean William van Scape Joe Havijk) and the Frenchman (Benjamin Thomas Donavan Grunden). A pair of Mazovia Heart of Poland cyclists also won one of the finals – Daniel Staniszewski and Alan Panaszek. In the first half of the competition, we saw only one acceleration from the French duo, but none were successful in the attack. Only the Austrians – Andreas Graf and Stephan Matzner – broke up with Peloton. They remained in front of the group for several dozen laps, and won 3 races. However, they were unable to make a lap above the rest of the stake. Unfortunately, for several dozen laps to the finish line, the bug and the build-up of fatigue doubled the Poles, who pulled out of the competition after awhile.

In the final part of the race, we saw numerous attacks. One lap was performed by Kenny De Ketele-Robbe Ghys (Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise), which brought them closer to BEAT Cycling and the French. Jean William Van Scape and Uri Havik were in the lead before the final finish, but they were unsuccessful in scoring any more points. And he won the race by the French (Thomas Grundin), who jumped to first place. Thanks to third place at the end, Kenny De Ketele and Robbe Ghys were way ahead of BEAT cyclists.

A women’s race was also held today. Sophie Capwell (Great Britain), Miriam Vessi (Italy; first husband), Joan Rodriguez HaCohen (UCI / Guatemala) and Simona Kropekit (Lithuania, second husband) qualified for the semi-finals. Capewell and Krupeckaite defeated their rivals in two matches. In the duel between the British and Lithuanians, the former was faster. She won the bronze, Miriam Fess.)

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Theo Boss (Cycling House) was the fastest in the men’s A-keirin thrilling final. The Dutchman was finally defeated And theia Angsuthasawita (UCI WCC / Thailand).

In both points zero and in the junior points race the winner was Jan Christine of Switzerland. The Poles have not started.