It was not the Italians who ran in the team of Lorenzo Bata, Marcel Lamont Jacobs, Isseus Faustin DeSallo and Filippo Torto) the favorites for this race. The Jamaican people have been given much better chances (Jeffogn Menzi, Julian strongor Johann Blake or Italic Seville) or the British (Shigendo Ujah or Zarnell Hughes or Richard Kelly or Nathaniel Mithsel Blake) or the Canadians (Aaron Brown, Jerome Blake, Brendon Rodney, Aharon from Grace).

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“If Fadik changes his robe into a habit, he will start at the Olympic Games in 2032.”

We are the global power! This is the medal standings in athletics

Great ending to Italy

The start of the race did not indicate that there would be a sensation. The Italians even passed the podium at one point. However, Filippo Torto ran brilliantly in the last turn. Italy will outsmart players from Jamaica, Canada and finally the British. As a result, athletes from Italy enjoyed impressive gold medals.

The Italians had a time of 37.50, which is a life record. Their best score so far is 37.95. Britain lost the end by a hundredth of a second. The Canadians won the bronze (37.70).

Let us remind you that there were no more Americans in the final. “This race is a complete disgrace to America” ​​wrote the website – a wave of criticism directed at American runners after they did not advance to the Olympic finals in Tokyo in the 4x100m relay.