The US presidential election, in which Americans will elect a head of state, will be held in 2020. We check what is already known: When exactly will it take place and who is the candidate? We also explain the rules for the elections for the President of the United States and display the latest opinion polls.

In this article you will learn:

  • When will the 2020 US presidential elections be held?
  • When will we meet the new president of the United States?
  • Who is the candidate for the post of President of the United States?

US Presidential Election 2020: Date and Deadline. When will the US presidential election?

The US presidential election took place on November 3, 2020. The Electoral College in the United States will be held on December 14th.

2020 U.S. Presidential Election: Results

Current election results presented by CNN:

Joe Biden – 253 electoral votes

Donald Trump – 217 electoral votes

The most recent information on election results in the United States is provided in a regularly updated article on – LINK.

2020 U.S. Presidential Election: The Rules [2020]

  • President of the United States of America He is elected every four years by the US Electoral College.
  • In the US presidential election, the popular vote for each state chooses a certain number of electors, which is calculated based on the number of members of Congress.
  • Voting in most states in the United States is based on the “winner takes all,” meaning that the winner in the vote gets the votes of all the electors. It does not matter then how much difference is in the number of divided votes between the two candidates – the winner will receive all the electoral votes from a particular country. However, there are two exceptions: Nebraska and Maine, where votes are distributed proportionally according to election results.
  • On November 3, Americans elect electors to represent the Democratic or Republican parties. On December 14th, the electors meet and vote as the electorate wants. Then we will also know the official results of the presidential elections.
  • A candidate’s victory in the state does not mean that the votes of all electors representing the state are automatically allocated to the person who won the state. There are cases of so-called non-believing voters who vote differently from the majority of the state. Often, such a decision will result in a penalty for the voter. It should also be noted that no in history has the “treacherous” vote contributed to a significant change in the election results.
  • There are 538 electors who make up the United States Electoral College, and a candidate for president requires 270 voters to win.
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Trump vs. Biden. What programs do US presidential candidates have?

US Presidential Election 2020: The Candidates [KANDYDACI NA PREZYDENTA USA 2020]

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will run for the US presidential election. Both politicians have already chosen potential alternatives. Should the election win, Donald Trump will be accompanied by Mike Pence and Biden-Kamala Harris.

Donald Trump: Profile of the President of the United States of America Candidate [WIEK, WZROST, WYKSZTAŁCENIE]

Joe Biden: The Silhouette of the President of the United States Candidate [BIOGRAFIA, WIEK, WZROST, WYKSZTAŁCENIE, RODZINA]

2020 US President: His term

The term of office of the President of the United States is 4 years. After this period, the President of the United States of America may run for re-election once. Donald Trump, who has been President of the United States since January 20, 2017, seized the opportunity and ran for elections again in 2020.

US Presidential Election 2020: Results. What are the results of the presidential election?