What should be the background during an online meeting? What can and cannot be displayed on the camera? We suggest how to set up a background for video conferencing.

The epidemic is dragging on. Bad times have led to many people working online. At the same time, Poles stand out from citizens of other European countries in terms of their very small living space. On average, there is low square footage of space per apartment, which greatly limits the possibility of arranging an apartment. How do you arrange the space in order to participate in a meeting with colleagues, the employer or the potential client without shame? Here are some tips.

Even if the online meeting is less formal, it is worth paying attention to the visual environment in the camera. First of all, you should clean the apartment, remove unnecessary items from sight of the axes and take care of hygiene. Dirty dishes, unmade beds or stains on the wall don’t make a good impression on anyone. Likewise, household appliances, such as a washing dryer, must be moved for the duration of the call.

It is worth making sure that the interlocutor is not distracted by too many details. Bright walls, patterned wallpapers, interesting paintings and posters, or shelves full of talent will not work as wallpaper. Minimalism and moderation dominate the web. Therefore, experts recommend pointing the camera at an empty wall. Shelves with books on knick-knacks, single-pot flowers, and office furniture work well.

Another solution that is used equally is synthetic or blurry background. Some internet messaging software allows you to run a default background. Users can choose pre-made images, but they can also download their own. However, when choosing this wallpaper, you need to use common sense. A job candidate in front of palm trees won’t look qualified, and the background universe might be distracted during a conversation with a supervisor. Another solution is the background blur feature. It allows you to blur the contours of visible objects in the camera while preserving the sharpness of the human face.

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