This season, Woffinden will represent the colors of Betard Sparta Wrocław and Danish club Esbjerg. The starting limit in only one league, with the exception of PGE Ekstraliga, means the Briton will not be able to compete at home this season, but he does not rule out such an option in the future.

An experienced rider can return to the British League, but he has one condition. Namely, he only wants to race at home in matches on the track in Manchester, which he seems to love. On this oval, Team Great Britain won the Speedway of Nations last year, despite the fact that on the second day of the competition they had to acclimatize without hitting Woffinden.

I love to drive in the UK, but I also love to drive on Manchester Track. I would probably go back to England if I could just ride it, said Ty.

Woffinden’s return to the British League will not necessarily be good news for the authorities and fans of Wrocław. There are those who will pass by this information carelessly, but it has long been known that the presidents of Polish clubs are not very keen on those matches due to the dangerous tracks and high frequency of riding, which affects the fatigue of players. . Hence, Woffinden’s idea may have been to return to the islands, but on the condition that a compromise in the form of leadership be found only at home meetings.

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