Microsoft needs to make changes to Xbox Game Pass. Fortunately, these are pro-consumer and are designed to help you manage your subscription.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has decided to take a closer look at the subscription services offered by three console manufacturers. It concerns devices of the Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation brands. The analysis ended with several comments, among others directed at Microsoft.

Changes to Xbox Game Pass

Officials have concluded that Microsoft is not fully transparent about subscription services, such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. In their opinion, turning off automatic renewal is not easy. Moreover, the officials admitted it The company is not adequately informing users about subscription renewalEven if you have not used the service for some time.

Therefore, Microsoft has agreed to make some changes to its services. First, the company will contact people who have paid the fee for a long time (at least 12 months) but are not using the subscription. If they do not interact with the message in any way, they will eventually be unsubscribed. In addition, Microsoft will contact customers with a 12-month subscription and offer them the option to terminate their contract and receive a pro-rata refund.

However, the changes do not end there. In addition, Microsoft will provide more transparent information about its services. Customers must know when the automatic renewal will occur and that it will continue until they cancel manually. Information on costs and the possibility of reimbursement after the occasional renewal should also be clearer.

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For now, changes will be made in the UK, but will also appear in other countries over time. PlayStation and Nintendo may also have to take similar steps.

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