In the opinion of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL), the appointment of a joint candidate for the Ombudsman by the People’s and Union Party is a way to overcome the impasse, as well as to “open the way for new solutions.”

On Wednesday, the agricultural politician explained on TVN24 why his party, along with Al-Ittihad, chose its candidate for the position of the ombudsman, that is, the professor. Robert Joyazdowski, withdrawing their previous support, which they provided with the Civic and Left Coalition, attorney Zuzana Rudzynska Ploszcz.

As Zgorzelski said, “We supported the sponsor twice, whom we respect and talk about well only.” As the Civic and Left Coalition politicians assert, they act very differently and criticize their candidate.

“We realize, however, that in politics you need to open spaces for solutions when current solutions do not achieve results” – explained the PSL decision.

He pointed out that his group went to the Faculties of Law and Administration in universities to be included in the selection process for the Ombudsman candidate, which he praised in an interview with parties including, current speaker Adam Bodnar. “This is just getting out of the impasse, not staying in something that turns out to be an ineligible way to become an ombudsman,” Zgorszelski said.

“If we are accused of signing the union’s parliament’s nomination, why do not we accuse colleagues from the pulpit and the left of voting with the Law and Justice Party” – the politician asked.

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As Zgorzelsky emphasized, “The Union, whatever it is, is an opposition party.” “You have to have imagination in politics. It might happen that in order to effectively remove the Law and Justice Party from power in time for early elections, the spit votes will now be needed on the + Bunni +, + + Nazi + Confederation. So will our friends be from The civil coalition and the left are like this anymore? They frowned on union members? The enemy is elsewhere – the enemy in law and justice. They are responsible for this crisis today, because the party that governs and has the majority is always responsible for the trial ”- he added.

The deputy speaker also said that selecting a candidate for the position of ombudsman could be a way to “dismantle the law and justice law.” In this context, he referred to the Yaroslav Goen Agreement, which – as he said – “calls itself a group representing entrepreneurs,” and Guadovsky is a person with unquestionable economic and legal knowledge and scientific achievements.

Ombudsman Adam Bodnar’s 5-year term expired at the beginning of September, but he – according to the Human Rights Defender Act – continues to perform this function until his successor is appointed.

The Ombudsman is appointed by the House of Representatives with the approval of the Senate at the request of the Marshall of the House of Representatives or a group of 35 representatives. If the Senate refuses to approve the appointment of the Ombudsman (it takes one month to pass a resolution that expresses approval or opposition), the House of Representatives appoints another person as an ombudsman.

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Representatives twice attempted to select Adam Bodnar’s successor to the new Ombudsman position; Each time the only candidate (by KO and Lewica) was Zuzanna Rudzińska-Bluszcz, a lawyer, who enjoys the support of more than a thousand NGOs. However, the Law and Justice Party did not endorse her candidacy twice.

Currently, apart from Joazdovsky, the candidates are also Attorney Zuzana Rudzynska-Pluszs again, as well as Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Warsjk who was nominated by the Law and Justice Party.

In September, a group of Law and Justice Party lawmakers submitted a request to the Constitutional Court to review the constitutionality of the Ombudsman Law’s ruling regarding the performance of the functions of the current Ombudsman beyond his term, until his successor is appointed. According to the applicants, such a ruling would contravene the constitution. The court is due to hear the request on January 19.