The 16th edition of Your Face Looks Familiar has ended. In the last episode, only four of the best participants fought for victory: Vicky Gabor, Anya Rosovich, Andrei Kozovsky and Danzel. We already know who got the golden face and a check for 100,000 PLN.

Although some are hard to believe, the program “Your face looks familiar“It’s still one of Polsat’s biggest hits. On Friday, May 13, the station broadcast the finale of the 16th edition of the show, where we can enjoy vocal and acting performances by eight other artists and celebrities. Who was the most kidnapped by the jury this time? Now check out the report.” And the results of the last episode of “TTBZ 16”.

The show was opened by the four finalists as legendary British rock band The Beatles from Liverpool. They sang one of the band’s most popular songs, “Twist and Shout,” and with that performance they took us back to the great ’60s.

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He was the first to participate in the competition part Andrei Kozovsky. The actor, who was chosen by many viewers as the best actor in the program, has more than once pleased him. His performance as James Blunt, which earned him the win in Episode 8, will surely go down in show history. He was also, inter alia, Krzysztof Krawczyk and Maryla Rodowicz, and also took the stage as Freddie Mercury and brought us into the disco era as Gloria Gaynor. In the finals, he raised his bar and played one of the greatest opera singers of all time – Luciano Pavarotti. He sang “Nesun Dorma” and, according to the jury, it was a performance worthy of the ending.

I am glad you threw yourself into such deep water to try to do such a task. Choosing this character proves that you came here to enjoy new experiences. I really like what a versatile artist you are – Małgorzata Walewska wondered.

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Andrei! I was touched, got goosebumps and couldn’t get over my joy when she sang. It was truly a masterpiece of your ability as someone who doesn’t sing classics. Thanks a lot – said Katarzyna Skrezenica.

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He was the second finalist danzel. The singer became famous mainly from the dance song “Pump It Up” and on the show he surprised everyone with the amazing possibilities of his voice. He is such a versatile artist that he was able to impersonate almost any singer, no matter what style he represented. We’ll remember his winning performance as Ryszard Riedl and “Time Machine” for a long time! He has proven himself in all genres, from heavy metal as James Hetfield of Metallica to soul as Seal. On the other hand, his performance of “You Belong to Me” directed by Lenny Kravitz ignited the hearts of all the fans of the show. In the end, he chose the song “Płonie barodoła” for the legend of the Polish music scene – Czeslaw Nymen! Once again he proved to be a master at singing in Polish! He swung and earned this performance a standing ovation from the four jury!

– You have shown that you are a versatile, wonderful and respectful person! Dazelle, nice to meet you! Congratulations on your recent performance – said Michał Wiśniewski – it’s an honor to be able to watch you and enjoy your charm. For me your victory over the Polish language is incredible! – Summarized Katarzyna Skrzynecka.

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Then it’s time for the first couple of the evening. Carolina Pisaryk and Macic Radell It depicts Britney Spears and Will. They performed the song “Scream And Shout” and had a wonderful party on stage. Let us remind you that Carolina won Episode 16 in “Your Face Looks Familiar” as Fergie, she danced like Madonna, Sanh and Young were for Lucia. In turn, Maciek was remembered as the wonderful Edmund Fetting, the romantic Shawn Mendes or the famous Mary Fredrickson from the band Roxette.

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3rd Finalist, Too Young Vicky GaborThis version of the show has delighted everyone, incl. With his performance of the song “Stay” by Rihanna. She also played the role of the greatest singers in the world of music – Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. They couldn’t miss one another, Whitney Houston, in the final. Vicki sang the singer’s cult song “I want to dance with someone.” According to the jury, he turned out to be perfect, and with this performance, of course, he made the whole audience dance.

Vicki! Today you once again showed us a great expression of your energy! Well he sang and danced. In many places, I sounded like Whitney Houston at the beginning of the song. You did it fantastically – Evaluation of Katarzyna Skrzynecka.

Today I am happy! I think she has grown up. Today you don’t look like Vicky Gabor at all – Michał Wiśniewski added.

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The last participant was the final Anya Rusovich. The jury confirmed that the performance of Irina Santor’s song “Tych Years Nobody Gives Up” was simply brilliant. Let us recall that earlier it was, among others, the brilliant Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Nicole Scherzing of The Pussycat Dolls. In the end she sang “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” from the repertoire of Etty James – mother of the R&B genre. It was undoubtedly another performance worthy of the ending.

I! You sang well! I liked it a lot because I am the generation that listens to such things – Krzysztof Kogowski said.

You gave a great artistic performance! I give you an Oscar for your acting performance and for today’s character. For me, that was a huge breakthrough in this final and a huge blow in this final. Your performance is a torpedo to me today. Wonderful! – Summarized Katarzyna Skrzynecka.

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The last, already non-competitive performer in the finals, was the duo of Anna Yorktowicz and Patrick Cibulsky. The pair played Pitbull and Kesha and sang “Timber”. With this performance, they showed that they were having a really great time on the show and that the energy was shared by everyone. Let us remind you that earlier Anna was delighted, among other things as Bette Midler and out of her comfort zone as Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones. It was also Ursula and Dalida. Patrick, in turn, won the ring as Bruno Mars. He was also the great Alija Maguska and showed off his rock claw as Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters.

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Danzel won the 16th edition of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, and the check for 100,000 PLN was donated to the Polsat Foundation. The Belgian singer was surprising and fun throughout the ten episodes. He hasn’t had a single day weaker. He was not bothered by the fact that he had to sing in Polish several times. He established himself as Ryszard Riedel of the band Dżem and filled in the song “Hope” as Artur Gadowski of the band Ira. However, in the last episode he sang Victory in the name of Czeslav Nemen. He charmed the entire studio with his performance of the song “Płonie barodoła”. He donated a check in the amount of 100,000 PLN to the young wing of the Polsat Foundation. Andrei Kozovsky took second place in the final, and Anya Rusovich took third. Vicki Gabor closed the podium, finishing fourth.

Photo: mat. Pulsat press releases

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