Businessmen who are under pressure against a wall are looking for ways to survive. – We are trying in every way possible to take advantage of the possibilities that currently give us restrictions or not give us – admits Witld Grzybowski, owner of Chmury and Hydrozagadka in Warsaw.

Space to work

Our correspondents decided to check whether it is possible to spend a day in a large city, as if there were no restrictions on the epidemic.

We direct our first steps to a café. Right away, it turns out you can stay inside if we buy more coffee, or rather, rent us a “workspace”. It is even possible to reserve a table over the phone. Everything as part of a co-working space.

Recently, the so-called co-working, that is, renting a space to work remotely, is an opportunity for many gastronomy pioneers to be able to legally accept clients. There are more and more places to rent in Warsaw.

Food that is taken with you and delivery alone, unfortunately, it is impossible to maintain the building. We’re trying to sublet the space, organize a co-working, and did everything to give to the people who’ve worked here before – explains Witold Grzybowski.

– This is not an attempt to make money, but an attempt to save work so that you can survive this terrible period – confirms Grzybowski.

We work remotely for a year, we live 30 meters in one room, and also with a running dog. Sometimes it just makes sense to leave the house for the sake of your mental health. It is wonderful if there is such a possibility. This allows you to keep the rhythm of the day – convince the people who worked at the restaurant.

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Sports associations

However, remote work is not all. It turns out there is a legal way to exercise in the gym. It suffices to become a player in one of the many sports associations. In some cases, getting a license requires a few clicks on your phone and a fee. After a while, you can start training in the gym.

In a Warsaw gymnasium, we heard that the biggest movement starts after 4 pm, and adding calories after a workout is also not a problem. You don’t have to buy ready-to-eat food at all. One of the restaurants near the gym that we visited serves meals on site.

After an eventful day, there is also a lot to do in town at night. It is not difficult to find announcements about secret events on the Internet. Participants of the game officially reside in the club as extras.

Two months ago, it seemed to me that staging illegal events could be a solution. However, now that many of my friends’ parents have died from the Coronavirus, I think such behavior is extremely irresponsible from the standpoint of the event organizers and the people who attend them – Grzybowski concludes.

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