• Agnieszka Holland became the cultural ambassador for the O! Shining – Onet and Krakow City Cultural Awards. In previous years, Marius Trilinsky and Grachina Kulczyk were honored
  • The world-famous actress fights for this year’s Oscars with two award-winning films – “Citizen Jones” and “Antichrist”. In 2020, she becomes president of the European Film Academy
  • Although difficult to believe, she was not accepted to study at Łódź Film School; Her career was predicted by Wilhelm Hollander
  • Ordu Lloris brought her to trial for “fascist laws”. A despot, arranging for us a system without freedom – says about the head of the Law and Justice Party
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O! Lśienia – The Cultural Awards are presented to Onet and the City of Krakow for the fifth time. Artists whose works were available to the public in 2020 in Poland or who have achieved amazing international success are nominated for an O! Lśnień.

Onet users choose survey winners. The Ambassador of Culture – an honorary title bestowed by the city of Krakow and Onet – is announced on the day of awarding the awards. This year, Agnieszka Holland was awarded an award – director, producer, screenwriter, actress, whose name is not only a show of Polish and European cinema, but also of world cinema.

Thank you very much for this honor and honor, said Agnieszka Holland, upon accepting the award. – There is hope that we will get out of this and get better.

We must realize that the cultural situation is at least dangerous. Next year will show whether this is a trial period, which taught us what is important and what is not, and whether we will continue to face the crisis. We won’t solve it on our own – added the manager. Turning to the referees, she made a plan and suggestions about what this help might look like.

Cinema ambassador

Awarded and adored all over the world – Shoots in Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. Made more than 40 movies and series. She fought for the Oscars, BAFTA, Emmys, and Golden Globes. Cinema formed the core of moral concern. She wrote texts for Andrei Weda and Krzysztof Kiilovsky. Plunging into the world of her films is a long but wonderful journey, full of great actors and larger-than-life stories, though often written through life, “Dagmara Romanowska writes about Agnieszka Holland, in an attempt to identify the director’s most important productions.

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Citizen of Warsaw, graduate of Lyceum. Stefan Batori He tried to get into directing at the Lodz Film School. no avail. After graduating from the prestigious FAMU School in Prague, she returned to Poland to work as an assistant to Andrei Waida and Krzysztof Zanussi. – Volcanic mood, but very clear, and a Cartesian mind – said the author of “Protective Colors”.

Foto: KFP / REPORTER / East News

Agnieszka Holland and Andrzej Wajda in 2001

Almost from the very beginning of her independent career, she began collecting trophies that her colleagues only dreamed of Or they had to wait many years. Shortly after the debut of “Wieczor u Abdon”, “Representatives of the provinces” were awarded the prestigious FIPRESCI Prize, which was awarded by the critics at Cannes. It was by no means a coincidence, but rather the beginning of a great streak, which gave a name known to every self-respecting cinema lover.

I fought for my first Oscar with the German movie “Bitter Harvest”. Meanwhile, they were well received: “Rush” was shown in the Berlinale, which brought in the Silver Bear Barbara Grabowska is honored with the bronze Gdansk lions “The Only Woman” with Bogoslaw Linda. The second Oscar nomination came for the screenplay for the co-production of the Franco-German-Polish War “Europe, Europe”, which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film.

Foto: Associated Press / East News / East News

Agnizka Holland with the Golden Globe in 1992

Although Filmówka did not recognize her, His success was predicted by someone else.

My father, Wilhelm Hollander, who was the production manager, once told me: “Agnieszka was inconspicuous, a little terrified.” [“Wieczoru u Abdona”]. “When she appeared on set the first day of filming, no one paid any attention to her. People talked to each other, laughed. She screamed,“ Please, silence! Let’s get to work! She repeated again, to no avail, and then shouted, “Will it be, silly, silence or not ?!” “He became like a poppy seed.” Barbara Hollander.

As a screenwriter and director, she is actually working non-stop today. So it became more difficult to tell her full films. The director’s directors include: “Julia Comes Home” with Miranda Otto in the lead role, “A Copy of The Master” about Beethoven – with Ed Harris and Diane Kruger in the cast, and the critically acclaimed TV series “The Team” which she realized with her daughter Kasia Adamik and her sister Magdalena Łazarkiewicz. “In Darkness” from 2012 received its third Academy Award nomination, based on the story of Leopold Socha, who hid Jews from the Lviv ghetto in the sewers during World War II. Most likely – not the last.

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Once again for the Oscars

Netherlands – After famous productions such as: the Czech “Burning Bush”, “The Killing”, the American series “Baby Rosemary”, “The Affair” or the beloved “House of Cards”, and in Poland it is adapted from the director’s “Pokot”. Future Nobel Prize Winner Olga Tokaczuk and Netfix’s first Polish series “1983” – He goes out again to attend the Oscars.

Czech “Charlatan” about healer and therapist Jan Mikulasque made its debut in the Berlinale in 2020. During the festival, the attractive image was appreciated, especially as the director meticulously presented its viewers. The film won a reputation as one of its best festival titles, followed by other awards, including. Fourteen (!) Nominations for Czech Lions, which will be awarded the next day for O! Shining. So it wasn’t a big surprise when he was on the Oscar-winning “short list” as a Czech candidate in the international category.

In turn, she was awarded the Golden Lions Award at the Gdynia Festival held in the Berlinale “Citizen Jones”, This year he has a chance to get a golden knight statue in the master class Holland describes the story of Gareth Jones – a Welsh journalist who gained fame by writing an article about his meeting with Adolf Hitler, right after he took power in 1933.

The culmination of the festival’s applause and all the rain of awards that fell on the author of “Lonely Woman” was the most eminent place in European cinematography. She succeeded Wim Wenders and as a member of the board in 2014-2019, became president of the European Film Academy.– In order to preserve the creative power of independent cinema and engage our audience in these difficult times, we must use all our experience and imagination – she stressed.

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In the name of the value

She is not only the heroine of the movie columns, but also the heroine of social and political life. For years, she was considered one of the most committed authors in defense of women’s and gay rights. Civil movements often take it as their symbol. She talks herself about the growing dictatorship, the “war against everyone”, the homophobia of the current president and the “deeply coded civilization of the death of Yaroslav Kaczynski”, and she watches TVP only “to see how far one can go to manipulate.”

As a nation of 38 million, we are held hostage by a completely unsustainable man. We agreed to give him full power and we’re now victims of it – we commented on ZET Radio. – What happens and what we have all allowed us to do as citizens is that an ineffective person – in terms of running the state – an autocrat arranges for us a system in which there is no freedom and will not soon be a democratic system – she, in turn, confirmed in TVN24.

She has to pay her for critical judgments. The ultra-conservative Urdu Lloris organization has filed a lawsuit alleging “fascist laws” that it spoke about on “Unit Ranu”. The Netherlands referred in its speech to the Local Government Charter for Family Rights prepared by Urdu Juris.

I am not afraid because I have already seen and crossed various things, including campaigns like this. I am somewhat sad that hate, corruption, and building social divisions have become commonplace, in addition to being linked to power. The effects of this would be terrible, and we can see them already – summed up in an interview with our journalist Joanna Paraska.

Does she intend to calm down from her words or to remain silent at all in matters not directly related to her films? No, because, he reiterates, it is the duty of artists to speak up and fight in the name of values. And she confirmed at the end of the festival in Gdynia in 2019: We are a filmmakers community. We are united by values, and we are united by solidarity.