Renata Kashuruk, Cuba and Jevodzky have been a married couple for five years. After their separation, neither of them commented on the relationship. Finally, after 3 years of silence, Kashuruk decided to do so. As I mentioned, it was a lesson for her to say “stop.”

Renata Kashuruk, Koba Wojvodzky met at the university, where the model was studying at that time. That was in early 2012/2013. They soon became a couple, but when “Król TVN” debuted in public with a younger partner, they weren’t given many chances to survive. In the end, they stayed together for five years. To show business relations, it is a very good training.

The relationship between Kaczoruk and Wojewódzki has long been the subject of much speculation and rumours. They themselves were reluctant to comment on their relationship, and it did not change even after the breakup. There was no public washing of dirt, even the former partners announced that they had ended the relationship in harmony and wished each other well. Kaczoruk returned to the topic several times, revealing, among other things, what the beginnings of the relationship with Wojewódzki, who – she claimed – knew nothing and had no idea that it was a rumor.

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Years later, Renata Kashurok opened up about the relationship with the boycott

In a recent interview Kaczoruk served Pomponik, the model admitted her attitude towards Wojewódzki. When asked if she had been in contact with Cuba, she responded with confusion and added that it was a very private question that she did not want to answer. However, she later explains, in a subtle way, that over time, her memories and perceptions of the relationship change — just as she does.

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My approach in my experience is that I’m in the process all the time. My memories also develop when I change. So the picture of what the relationship is, what you learned in it, what you got, only comes with time and is never fixed– She answered and explained exactly what she had learned regarding Wojewódzki.

I have learned to set boundaries (…). To be open to others, you must learn to show your limits. It teaches the other person how you want to be treated and where there are “downtime” moments. – Renata Kaczoruk said mysteriously.