Tomorrow, Microsoft should share the first batch of products targeting Xbox Game Pass in July. However, before we get to know the list of new products, let’s focus on the offers that will not be available soon as part of the service.

It is no secret that the American giant regularly changes and updates its flagship subscription library. Starting July 1, players can watch Far Cry 5, a decently received part of the Ubisoft series, set in the fictional Hope County in the US state of Montana, near the country’s border. The daredevils have the opportunity to unravel the mystery of a dangerous religious cult.

We’ll soon get to know more new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks. Waiting for the official announcement might make it easier for us to learn about products like Children of Morta, Cris Tales or Polish Carrion. Thanks to the app, we know which games will be removed from the show on July 15:

  • Atomicrobes
  • carrion
  • Murta’s children
  • chris tales
  • deadly league fire

From this list, I especially recommend Children of Morta – the item published by 11-bit studios is a roguelike RPG where players take on the role of actors of the Bergson family. Its members guard the title of murti, meaning the mountain. The developers of Dead Mage have greatly expanded the game, adding new content that made playing more fun for several months after the premiere.

Carrion, on the other hand, is the title of Polish studio Phobia Game Studio (authors of BUTCHER), where daredevils play a terrifying amorphous monster that sows fear in many locations and kills people who find themselves in its path.

Below you will find trailers for all products:

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