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Microsoft has planned Windows Core OS as the next release of Windows 10 for next-generation devices, including dual-screen laptops. We find it in HoloLens 2 augmented reality kitSo is Windows 10x. An earlier version of Windows Core OS, codenamed Polaris, appeared on the web.

Windows Core OS has been around for a long time and has undergone many changes. In principle, it’s a system that completely breaks away from older Windows components and focuses on modern looks and functionality. It’s also more efficient, battery-friendly, and offers faster upgrades.

Its variant, with the practical name Polaris, was intended for equipment from the Andromeda family, which are dual-screen portable devices. Unfortunately, when Microsoft decided to defeat the Andromeda project, Polaris was also abandoned.

Polaris was slated to be the successor to Windows 10 S, the “lighter” version of Windows 10 that supports UWP software from the Microsoft Store (and thus more secure in theory).

Windows Core OS leaked “Polaris” contains an RS3 RTM version of the ARM32-based hardware system. Windows Central was the first to announce that the system reached the network

There are quite a few links though – no graphical interface here, nor any built-in apps. So you can only see the skeleton of the system and see for yourself that such a project exists. To verify this, you must have a device based on ARM32 architecture.

This is a curiosity for Windows enthusiasts. Since 2018, Microsoft has changed its vision for the Windows Core OS project, which has taken on its current form as Windows 10X. The first 10x computers are expected to launch in the spring of 2021.

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