• Donald Trump vetoed the 740 billion National Defense Funding Act (NDAA)
  • The outgoing US president offered several reasons. It was, among other things, to obtain concessions protecting Facebook and Twitter from criminal liability or to reduce the expenses of building a wall on the border with Mexico.
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During an extraordinary New Year’s meeting, the Senate voted to repeal the veto in the ratio of 81:13. It was more than two thirds of the required votes in this case. Earlier, the House of Representatives voted in favor of rejecting the veto.

The National Defense Funding Act (NDAA) of 740 billion is broad based. It covers a variety of funds, ranging from spending on new ships, through compensation for the armed forces, to expenditures related to geopolitical threats.

Trump vetoed the bill for several reasons. As confirmed by CNN, it did not agree to change the names of the rules that honor Confederate generals. He wanted to deny social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, a privilege that would protect it from criminal responsibility. He also opposed provisions limiting the amount of money he could spend on the border wall with Mexico.

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“I have been clearly objecting to politically motivated attempts to review history and ignore the tremendous progress that our country has fought for in the name of the principles of the founding fathers,” Trump said.