The first information about the solar storm began to emerge on Tuesday. Articles warning of a dangerous phenomenon were published on social networking sites and some news portals. It was supposed to appear a solar storm traveling at a speed of 1.6 million kilometers per hour Land later this week.

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The solar storm will not hit the Earth. Scientists deny information

The solar storm was expected to strike satellites in Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing signal problems with cellular, satellite and GPS navigation. The dark scenarios also predicted that the storm could lead to power outages in some parts of the world.

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He checked the rumors about the impending solar storm News agency. The agency contacted Bill Murtag of the Space Weather Prediction Center – a unit part of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Service (NOAA). It was the Space Weather Prediction Center that was referred to as the source of information about the powerful storm. Murtagh denied that any solar storm is expected this week.

The brightest solar flare in four years occurred in early July

But Bill Murtagg confirmed that at the beginning of the month, on Saturday, July 3, there was a solar flare – a phenomenon consisting of a sudden release into the atmosphere. the sun A huge amount of energy generated by the process of annihilation of the magnetic field. The duration of the flare ranges from a dozen or so minutes for the faintest of phenomena to about an hour and a half for the most intense.

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The solar flare on July 3 was the first in this solar cycle and the brightest in four years. In the 11-year solar cycle, this phenomenon can be observed about 150 times. Scientists point out that the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere protect us from the negative effects of flares.

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