Will the European Union ban the broadcast of British series? British journalists report that society’s politicians are on the verge of imposing new restrictions on the continent. Our journalist on Radio RMF24.pl checked the possibility of this scenario. Our reporter, Bogdan Frimorgen, is trying another Brexit retaliation.

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Will the European Union ban British series?

The British media began sounding the alarm. According to British journalists, the European Union is on the verge of imposing another punishment on Great Britain. This time it comes to the broadcast of a British television series. It is said that the community has plans to limit its supply on our continent after the British left its structures. Goes, among others o popular series such as The Crown.

According to The Daily Express of Brussels, the idea is to limit the influence of British culture on Europe. The Guardian, in turn, warns that this would hamper the impact of “isolationist” thinking on the rest of the continent. – Bogdan Frimorgen, MFM correspondent, explains.

Our London journalist reassures: Even if the European Union decided to implement this controversial idea, the introduction of a new ban would be very difficult and would become a source of jokes from society.

The most rational commentators call for calm: the television preferences of Europeans are not easily controlled, and any work in this regard will become the subject of jokes and comedies. – Explains the journalist on Radio RMF24.pl

The 5th Anniversary of the UK’s Brexit Referendum

On June 23, 2021, 5 years have passed since the European Union referendum that decided the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union. As a reminder, Brexit officially became final on January 1 this year. From that day onwards, the UK was no longer part of society. However, to this day it causes a large number of conflicts between Great Britain and the European Union.

No one expected at that time that goods shipped today from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, that is, within one country, would be subject to customs control. It’s like setting up toll booths and customs officers on the border between Malopolska and Silesia. Such a border had to be built in British and Irish ports because they could not actually cross Green Island on the border between the Republic and Ulster, as it would jeopardize the peace process in Northern Ireland. – Bogdan Frimorgen said on Radio RMF24.pl.

This is not the only strange situation that has emerged after Brexit. Another controversial situation arose on the island of Jersey, located off the coast of France but belonging to Great Britain.

After Britain left the European Union, French fishermen closed a port in Jersey. They demand access to local waters. Jersey is located off the coast of France but is part of the United Kingdom. Such paradoxes will multiply and be caused by Brexit. – Our British correspondent comments on a similar situation.

How will relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom develop in turn? According to the RMF FM radio reporter, it can be really difficult.

After such a painful divorce, both parties often face obstacles that, for political or cultural reasons, will become weapons in a post-Brexit reality. In this case, the minefield is vast, and the scene after the battle is complex. – He said on Radio RMF24.pl

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