In today’s Gospel, we have a scene where Jesus is lost on his way back from Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph found him after three days of arguing with the legal scholars in the Temple, and they were astonished.

Then Mary turned to Jesus with this concern, with shame: How can you do this to us? Jesus answered: Why were you worried? Did you not know that I will be at my father’s house?

In this case, it is important to enter the heart space. Enter the space of the Heart of Mary (which we remember today) and the space of the Heart of Jesus – but most of all, enter the space of your own heart. The Feast of the Heart of Jesus, which we celebrated yesterday, and the remembrance of the Heart of Mary, which comes today, also leads us to our hearts – to look at what I experience and relate it to God’s way of living and. Mary’s way of life. Since there is a great deal of peace, there are a lot of practices that will help us go through the difficult things. The Evangelist writes that Mary “meditated all these things in her heart.” Let us risk such a practice, let us try to meditate on all our matters in our hearts and in our hearts that strike us with love – in the heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary.

Commenting on Jan Głąba SJ