When Anthony Raab accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault years ago in the fall of 2017, the latter’s career crashed almost immediately. The first shipments led to more, and while none of at least 20 of them were eventually proven, Spacey became a Hollywood pariah – removed from the show house of paperAnd in the movie All the money in the world He was replaced by Christopher Plummer.

In recent months, the actor has been preparing for his comeback. He played one of the main roles in an Italian movie L’uomo che disegnò Dio (The man who drew God), directed by Franco Nero, and also landed a role in the British/Italian/Mongolian co-production 1242 – West Gate. He also starred in the movie Peter Fife Eight.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prosecution Service charged Spacey with four sexual assaults against three men. That’s not all – the actor was also accused of coercion of sexual activity, including penetration, without the consent of the other party. All allegations were made after reading evidence from the Metropolitan Police. Rosemary Ainsley of the CPS Crime Division insisted that Spacey had a right to a trial.

Variety said some of the allegations may date back to Spacey’s time as artistic director of a London theater (2004-2015). After the first accusations against Spacey, theater representatives launched an investigation in which 20 people admitted that Spacey was behaving inappropriately towards them.