With the election victory over Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s presidential transition team will soon relocate.

The Democrat, who launched a presidential transition website on Wednesday that looked very likely to defeat his Republican rival, was preparing for a moment in months.

Obama administration officials and advisors to other presidential candidates from the 2020 Democratic Party to Republicans are all participating in the effort to ensure a smooth transition of power to candidate and runner-up Kamala Harris.

Ted Kaufman, the man who wrote the laws on the presidential transition, was appointed as a Senator and longtime Biden advisor, earlier this year to lead the team.

Getting started early, and calling in potential recruits around March, he started creating a team that was reported that by June, it had six people working for a potential running of Biden.

The sources said Politico In September around 350 people can be on the team by Inauguration Day.

Alexander Mackler, who served as Mr. Kaufman’s vice chief of staff in the Senate, told the enforcer that personnel would not be recruited.[الذين[يبحثون عن أنفسهم أولاً]”[who[arefirstlookingoutforthemselves”wouldnotberecruited[who[arefirstlookingoutforthemselves”wouldnotberecruited

“It’s been obvious for a long time that he’s not looking kindly at the revolving door,” said McClear. He said About Mr. Kaufman’s plans.

Since then, several former Obama administration officials have been appointed to the former Vice President’s transition team, having worked with Biden and Kaufman.

According to reports, progressives, academics, and even Republicans have also joined, with Mr. Kaufman prioritizing “ideology diversity” in his approach.

Gautam Raghavan’s advisors and other progressive lawmakers, as well as former employees of the 2020 Democratic nominees Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are also on the Biden team.

Bob MacDonald, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Republican, is on the advisory board of Biden’s transition team. So did Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Republican Senator John McCain.

The different views included in the transition team point to Mr. Biden’s need to carry different wings of the Democratic Party with him as he nears the inauguration, in addition to his cross-party appeal to voters during the campaign.

As required by the 2015 law co-authored by Mr Kaufman, the transition co-chair, Mr Biden’s transition team has been working on potential key appointments and setting the policy agenda.

The Biden team previously said that the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout were the main focus of their plans.