French series “Where is my agent?” (“Dix pour cent”) will get a new edition in English. The British production will include, among others, Helena Bonham Carter.

French hit “Where’s my agent?” (“Dix pour cent”)Who is responsible for global distribution Netflix, You will see the British version. He will be its main creator John Morton, BAFTA Award winner for “Twenty Twelve.” In the English language production, as in the original, there will be great movie stars playing themselves. It will be one of them Helena Bonham Carter.

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Where’s My Agent ?: A British remake of the French series Netflix is ​​in the pipeline

“Where’s my agent?” It debuted in France 2 in 2015. The behind-the-scenes series of the French cinema world quickly won a huge fan following and found its way into the Netflix international library. For the past four seasons, fictional acting agency ASK clients have included, among others, Monica Bellucci, Juliette Binoche, Isabel Hubert, Charlotte Ginsburg, Sigourney Weaver, Jean Reno and Jean Dujardin. Now is the time for the whims and troubles of the British stars that the agency will solve from the English version of the series.

Photo: “Dix pour cent” / Netflix Press Materials

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British remake to keep The comedic atmosphere of French originStar agents try to satisfy their customers at all costs while they grapple with their day-to-day woes. However, it will not do without the specific British flair and typical English obsessions, incl. In relation to the caste system.

Where’s My Agent ?: The cast and makers of the British version of the series

According to Deadline, he will be the stars of the new production among others Helena Bonham Carter (“the crown”), Olivia Williams (“Unrealistic”) i Kelly MacDonald (“Forbidden Empire”). On the other hand, they will act as agents that make up the permanent employees Lydia Leonard (“The Fifth Force”), and her character will be based on Andrea Martel performed by Camille Cottin, and Jack Davenport (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), who will play the British counterpart Matthias (Tipo de Montalembert), and Maggie Steed, Prasana Poinarajah, Hefto Kassem, Vula Evans-Akingboula, Rebecca Humphries, Harry Trivaldwin, Tim McNerney, Natasha Little, Edward Ploymill, Eleonore Arnaud I Jim Broadbent.

John Morton He wrote and directed the first two episodes, and is an executive producer. Among the many executive producers are the makers of the French original – Aurelin is older, I’m Harold Valentine From Mother Productions and Dominic Bissenhard and Michel Feller Z Moon Voisin Productions.

“Where’s my agent?” – Where are you watching? When will the British version be released?

Filming began in early May 2021. Received the rights to the English-language series in Great Britain and Ireland Amazon Prime VideoWhich may mean that in Poland it is also not Netflix, but it is Amazon that will launch the new version of “Dix pour cent”.

The release date for British production is not yet known. at the same time On Netflix, you can watch the previous four seasons of French ancestry. The fifth is already being prepared with Full movie “Dix pour cent”.

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