Netflix library update Tuesday. Up to 7 new products have been added that will surely interest some!



There is no doubt that Netflix is ​​probably known to all fans of movies and series. Maintaining a leadership position requires the platform to regularly update the content of its library, and it is undeniable that it is win-win. Today, Netflix has 7 really interesting movies and series that will surely interest many users. Unfortunately, the recent update to the URL library again shows that there is no rose without thorns, because the giant planned to remove 4 items later. It is not very good news, but it is always better to be in the know, as it will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Anyway: both schemes are available later in this article.

Netflix Library Update Tuesday – “Our Nature” and more news on the platform! October 2021

Netflix Our Nature

There is no doubt that Netflix really cares about its subscribers, who of course are constantly growing. It is true that the day does not end with news again, but we always begin with good news, so we will start this time too, because there is no point in changing this habit. Going to the details, the following films and series debuted on the platform:

  1. Lundinsky Bank / Bank in London (1977) [+ napisy] Genre: Documentary, Country of Origin: Great Britain
    • Web Movie: 6.5/10, IMDB: 7.1/10
  2. Margaret Thatcher: Selazna Dama / Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady (2012) [+ napisy] Genre: Biography, Country of Origin: Great Britain
  3. Our nature / Our nature (2019) [+ napisy] Genre: Documentary, Country of Origin: Germany
  4. Stockholm / Stockholm (2013) [+ napisy] Genre: Drama, Country of Origin: Spain
    • Web Movie: 7.4/10, IMDB: 6.9/10
  5. Theo Vaughn: Ordinary People (2021) [+ napisy] – Genres: Standing, Country of Origin: United States
  6. Golden Stars: The Story of the FIFA World Cup Championships (2017) [3 odcinki] [+ napisy] Genre: Documentary, Country of Origin: Switzerland
  7. DC: Supergirl / Supergirl (2015) [odcinek S06E14] [+ audio, + napisy] Genre: Fantasy, Country of Origin: United States
    • Web Movie: 6.4/10, IMDB: 6.2/10
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That’s all the news of the day in the latest Netflix library update. Since the added titles have already been discussed, there is no need to waste time, so let’s move on to the list of removed movies and series. It is as follows:

  1. Friends on the road 2 / Traveling mates 2 (2018)Removal date: 10/20/2021 Genre: Comedy, Country of Origin: Turkey
  2. Shine With Reese (2018)Removal date: 10/28/2021 Genre: TV Show, Country of Origin: United States
  3. Law (2014)Removal date: 10/31/2021 Genre: Crime Fiction, Country of Origin: Australia
    • Web Movie: 7.1/10, IMDB: 7.4/10
  4. The beginning and end of the universe (2016)Removal date: 10/31/2021 Genre: Documentary, Country of Origin: Great Britain
    • Web Movie: 7.2/10, IMDB: 7.8/10

To be fair, it can always be worse. Be sure to tell us in the comments below which news you enjoy the most and which movies or series you will miss the most!

Source: Upflix

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