May 16, 2022 at 6.00 pm in Aula Zagłębiowska Mediateka (ul. Kościelna 11), as part of the second edition of Przest Przestrzenie Pracy there will be an extraordinary concert of the music and literary project Chain Smokers / Andrzej Sosnowski related to the release of the third project album entitled “Where Do Not Touch” The End of Earth’s Rainbow”, published by the Tymoteusz Karpowicz Foundation in November 2021.

Word Space 2022

The musical trio: Zbigniew Kozera, Mateusz Rybicki, Patryk Zakrocki and one of the most prominent contemporary Polish poets, Andrzej Sosnowski, will invite you on an extraordinary journey, after which the viewer will remain in a state of bewilderment and enchantment for a long time. Before the concert, there will be a meeting with Andrzej Sosnowski, hosted by Kacper Bartczak.

smokers chain – a musical and literary project based on a mixture of improvised music and contemporary Polish poetry; So far he is known mainly for the collaboration with the eminent poet and translator – Andrzej Sosnowski, with whom in 2007 the group released the multimedia album “Trackless” and in 2011 the album “Dr Caligari Resets the World”. The idea of ​​the band is to bring together the values ​​of music and poetic text, and to intertwine the rhythms of the poem and the music. Concerts are a one-off event, a journey of sounds and the accompanying poetic word. Chain Smokers’ third album “Where the Rainbow’s End Never Touches the Earth” is characterized by the instrumental improvisation of musicians (Patrick Zakroki, Mateusz Rebicki, Zbysek Kozyra) following the natural pace and rhythm of Andrzej Sosnowski’s poems, which are recited by a music space.

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Andrei Sosnovsky (born 1959) – Polish poet and translator. Graduated in English from the University of Warsaw. Laureate of, among others the Kościelski Prizes, the Gdynia Literary Prize, the Wrocław Poetry Prize “Silesius” and the monthly “Odra” Prize. He published more than twelve volumes of poetry, and two prose; Translated among others by authors such as Ezra Pound, John Ashbery, Elizabeth Bishop, John Cage, Ronald Fairbank, Harry Matthews. The poetry of Andrzej Sosnowski, using multi-layered tropes, is widely viewed by critics as a unique phenomenon in contemporary Polish literature.

Kacper Bartczak (born 1972) – poet, poetry translator, author of Essays on Literary Theory. “Świat nie mergony” (Biuro Literackie) was awarded the “Literatury na Świecie” award. The group “Organic Poems” was nominated for the Silesius and Gdynia Awards. In 2019, he published a collection of articles entitled “Matter and Self-Creation: Inquiries in Multidimensional Poetry” (word/image areas). His most recent edition of poetry “Widoki swazy” (Biuro Literackie) was published in 2021. He translated an anthology of poems by Ray Armmenttrot, Charles Bernstein, and Peter Geese. He teaches American literature at the University of Lodz.

The Smokers / Andrzej Sosnowski series will perform in the following lineup:

  • Patrick Zackrocki – viola, guitar
  • Mateusz Rebicki – saxophone, clarinet
  • Zbyszek Kozera – Double Bass, Gymbri
  • Andrzej Sosnowski – Voice

The second edition of the international and interdisciplinary festival cycle, Word Space, will be held from March to October 2022 under the theme “Unknown”. It includes monthly multi-threaded events and an Oktoberfest for the Word (October 21-30). In the coming months, the organizers are planning a series of exciting events featuring distinguished guests including Michael Kreuger (Germany), Rod Mingham (England), and concerts by the legendary band Variety and Luca de Sisio (England).

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Honorary Sponsorship on the Word 2022 space: Mayor of Sosnowiec – Arcadius Choczynski and President of the University of Silesia – Prof. Richard Kozyczyk.