What do you watch on TV during holidays? Interesting suggestions

The second day of Christmas is usually a happy rest time for most of us with our loved ones. You should spend your free time watching one of the interesting movies or programs set by the TV stations on December 26th. And there is a lot to choose from. So what do you watch on TV over Christmas? Always in the Christmas season, the TV show shows more famous and admired paintings, plus some premieres. It wouldn’t be any different today. Check out what’s worth seeing on the last day of Christmas.

Christmas comedy. Check out what to see at Christmas except for “kevin”

What’s on TV? First half of the day

What is interesting on TV today? We will be able to see some interesting productions on TV by noon. Fans of historical cinema will see the second installment of “Deluge” (TVN 9.50) on TVN. On the one hand, Polsat will provide fun for those who prefer science fiction – at 1.20 pm Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be broadcasting starting in 2015. There will also be something for fans of Polish comics classics – Polish TV, namely the first comedy program will remember Worship is “required, wanted” (TVP1 15.20).

Tonight’s movies: What’s interesting in the evening film series?

The evening movie line will also include many different shows, giving every viewer an opportunity to find something suitable for himself. What movies do you choose tonight?

  • TVP 1. 21.15 “Hello, I love you” – a romantic comedy from 2014, created by the team behind one of the greatest Polish films “Never in life”. It offers a classic romance perfect for a festive evening.
  • TVP 2. 22.10 “The Exploding Couple” – a thriller from 2010 with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise in the main roles. It tells the story of June, who finds herself in the middle of a confrontation between the FBI and an arms dealer through a series of unfortunate events.
  • Polsat. 20.05 “Iron Man III” – science fiction film from 2013, which introduces the next installment of the adventures of the well-known hero from the Marvel comics. The illustrious Robert Downey Jr, who plays the superhero, this time must face a striker who threatens the whole of America.
  • Polsat. 22.55 “Point Break – on the wave” – ​​a thriller from 2015 with Luke Bracey in the main role; Conspiracy focuses on an agent investigating corporate attacks; In order to reach the people behind them, you must penetrate the extreme sports fanatic group.
  • TVN. 20.05 “Holiday” – is a light and fun romantic comedy of 2006 with a cast; Main characters played by Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black; It revolves around two heroes who decide to swap apartments to give themselves a chance for a change in their lives.

Movies on TV: Featured Productions

When looking for a recommended movie or TV show for Christmas evening, it is also worth checking what other stations have to offer us.

  • TV4 20.00 “I Still Love It” Melodrama USA 2010
  • TVN7 20.00 “Batman: The Beginning”, 2005 USA action movie
  • Channel + Premium 20.00 “1800 Grams” Drama Poland 2019
  • Canal + Premium 21.40 “Last Christmas”, Great Britain / USA 2019 comedy drama
  • TV4 22.25 “M jak Morderca” crime story USA 2017.
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TVP, Polsat, TVN on the second day of Christmas

TVP, Polsat and TVN flagship stations on the second day of Christmas are some of the most well-known and proven movies. Telewizja Polska has prepared its premiere music program for this evening. At 8 pm, the boys’ jubilee will be broadcast on TVP2.

In Polsat, the second day of Christmas will be marked with the sf cinema – in addition to “Star Wars” and “Iron Man III”, you’ll also be able to watch another Marvel production, “Ant-Man” (16.15).

TVN, in turn, will present interesting special editions of successful programs: “MądrzeJEMY z Katarzyna Bosacka” at 17.25 and “Totalne repairs Szelągowska” at 18.00.

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