Tesco reacts to a tough year-end in the British Isles. The local retail chain decided to place restrictions on the basic elements of daily life. The reason for reducing purchases is not only the pandemic, but also the inevitable end of the post-Brexit transition period.

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  • Tesco-determined product sales in Great Britain,
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  • What do the British authorities say about the difficulties in accessing the articles?

Tesco is restricting purchases

Tesco in the UK is updating its operating strategy to meet customer expectations. Just before Christmas, the chain introduced purchase limitsShe wants to provide the British with access to the basic necessities of everyday life.

Polsat News reports Tesco’s limits apply to toilet paper, eggs, rice, and soap. Only one customer can purchase one package of paper and three packages of egg, rice or soap.

Tesco has decided to implement purchase restrictions for the second time. The first borders were introduced at the start of the spring pandemic wave. Interia reminds you of that Then Tesco restricted purchases: flour, pasta, nappies, and antibacterial products.

Tesco responds to uncertainty among citizens

The British newspaper Daily Mirror report shows that Two factors influenced Tesco’s decision. First of all, purchase borders are a reaction to difficulties at the border due to the discovery of a new mutation in the Coronavirus.

The new tax will hit the Poles again. We will pay several hundred zlotys moreRead on

In response to the discovery of a new strain of the pathogen Most countries took the immediate decision to deny access to residents of the United Kingdom. The Polish government has banned travel from Monday to Tuesday (December 21/22). Due to road paralysis on British roads, entry was restored two days ago by the French authorities.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not agree with this argument. He believed that the suspension of movement at the borders did not violate the supply chain of medical and food products. – May the British continue their casual shopping – The Prime Minister said a few days ago.

Second, the restrictions are to ensure access to products at Tesco in the face of the uncertainty engulfing the UK as the end of the post-Brexit transition period approaches. The United Kingdom will finally leave the European Union structures on January 1, 2021.

Great Britain is in its worst recession in 300 years

For the past few weeks, the British have lived in fear of not reaching an agreement on a trade deal between the government and the European Union. You can only get out of society without a contract The dire condition of the British economy, which is facing its worst recession in 300 years, is exacerbated by the pandemic.

However, on December 24, the two sides agreed on the content of an agreement that would regulate their relations from next year. Contract with more than 2000 parties awaiting ratification.

According to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the agreement reached with Great Britain is:Fair and sustainable ”. Prime Minister Johnson was also pleased. The BBC reported that according to the prime minister and thanks to the agreement, Great BritainHe would regain control of his legal system” I am “It will protect jobs“.

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