When will construction work start on Orła Białego Square in Szczecin? Is the construction project to convert the square ready? What will be the following activities related to this space?

Among other things, questions like these were raised during an online meeting that had been organized on Friday (March 4) before Ideas across town.

We have finished working on all the guidelines for the reconstruction of the arena, and we have been in talks with the Regional Governor of Antiquities and the network managers, these two conditions are the most important. The city is now preparing for the tender for the reconstruction of the square, which is due to be announced soon – says Bowie Jaworski, the urban planner in charge of prototyping the changes in pl. White eagle.

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The project area will include R. Orła Biaego and part of the Mujahideen. Koński Kierat between the intersection with aziebna, Staromłyńska and with Mariacka. The space will be divided into sub-areas:

  • The Green Zone is in the southern part of the square, which at the same time prevents the reconstruction of the neighborhood that was there.
  • The next part is the perimeter of the fountain, which will have a delicately square character – a uniform surface paved space made of stone blocks.
  • The third region is the road lane in the Mujahideen. Koski Kerat, the Mujahideen Extension. Staromłyńska towards the Mujahideen. Grodzka.

– Here we want to preserve the aesthetic division of sidewalks and roads, but even their surfaces, that is, the elimination of barriers – says Bowie Jaworski.

There will also be street furniture and green spaces will be arranged in the southern part. It is not planned to restore the parking spaces as they have already been closed. Pedestrian function will be improved in the area. The square will combine residential and tourism needs.

He’s already doing it and we’re not going to change it, Jaworski adds.

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We work under many conditions of preservation. Under the plaza, there is a wooden water supply used to supply the fountain. It may turn out that we find some other things that will shape what is above ground and thus the arrangements will continue. I would like to Construction It will be launched next year and we’re not going to delay it – the urban planner replies.

Is there a possibility that the fountain will start working? The city wants to make a replica of it, but this is – says Jaworski – “financially and technically complicated.” The attachment cannot be launched in its current form because it will be destroyed. The design assumes that it and its power mechanism (still operational) will remain in the same place.

After the square is rebuilt, the other streets leading to the square will be renewed. Parking will be arranged there and street furniture will appear.

– This will be done on a similar system like ul. Staromiejska. But first, we have to go through the quadrangle system to learn from it how the idea of ​​a systematic approach to organizing the streets of the Old City will work. In the longer urban perspective, it is planned to connect the square with the Podzamcze Markets, which will also be altered.

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