where Prince Harry He was involved with a former American actress, Meghan MarkleThere are reports in the media of tensions and animosities that are supposed to digest it british royal family. In any case, the prince’s wife once publicly admitted that she did not feel accepted by her husband’s relatives from the beginning, which led to A great chill in Harry’s relationship with his loved ones For suicidal thoughts in women.

In conversation with Oprah Winfrey Megan accused the royal court of racism. She explained that a family member, just before the birth of the firstborn son of Harry and his wife, loudly expressed concerns about the color of the baby’s skin.

The interview ignited the relationship between the couple and the royal family. Now there is some speculation about it The next batch of conflict. It is relevant … with the world of sports.

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Almost all leading British websites warn of this Harry might be tempted to hit Elizabeth II. The prince has to leave the most important celebration, ie Celebrating the Queen’s birthday. He has to invoke it… Participation in a polo tournamentorganized by the elite group “Santa Barbara Polo and Racquets Club”.

A few days ago, the Duke played his first match of competition in California. He also had to commit himself to it Will perform at upcoming meetingsby the end of the season. The thing is that they happen around the time of the celebration in honor of the British monarch.

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Trooping of the Color starts on June 2Then the day before Harry’s last tournament. In theory, the prince could travel to Great Britain for a while. But biographer Angela Levine is not inclined to this scenario. “Prioritizing Polo Issues Over Jubilee They destroy every indication that he really cares about his grandmother, no matter what excuses he makes. Many people will be comfortable with getting away, but Not the most important person ever, Queen– Recalls quoted by the Daily Mail.

Another British journalist leaves no room for illusions. “There were always serious doubts about whether Harry and Meghan would attend the festivities. First, because as ordinary citizens, They can’t be the center of attention on the balcony. second because of Princes Charles and William are angry Because of the lies about them in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, and after Harry’s last interview with NBC, they no longer have faith that he and Meghan will act properly. Third, because Megan dare not confront Kate After her false claims in an interview with Oprah, “Tom Power ruled.

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