As Nottinghamshire faces its first weekend under new Level 2 restrictions, public health chiefs said the area is at a “critical level”.

The numbers in the latest monitoring reports show that cases are increasing in all areas of the city as well as throughout the governorate.

Nottingham Public Health Director Alison Challenger said in a press release on Friday, October 16, that the city had recorded 3,237 cases in the past seven days, bringing the rate to 972 per 100,000. This dropped to 884.7 on Friday evening.

Challenger added: “Although there are indications during the past two days that it is slowing, which we hope will be a continuous trend, we will have to monitor it.”

Jonathan Gribbin, Nottinghamshire’s Director of Public Health, said the R-rate nationally is between 1.1 and 1.5.

“General community transmission rates are rising [Nottinghamshire] Including every region and in all age groups.

“The first weekend of being on high alert and also the first week of the semester, so we want to highlight the rules for everyone.

“There is no more than one family inside, outside the scope of six applies.”

“We want to reaffirm measures of hands, face and space that will ultimately help us protect communities, schools, jobs and the NHS.”

All areas of the county and the city were placed under High Alert Level, or Level 2, on Monday, which went into effect on Wednesday.

This means that families cannot mix at home, and the rule of six must be adhered to abroad.

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A curfew at 10 PM remains in effect for guest accommodations.

People in the city gave their ideas about how the new restrictions would affect themCompanies say they have proven difficult so far.

“Nottingham remains at critical levels and cases are increasing in all areas of the city. These measures are crucial so we are asking people to adhere to them to bring these numbers down,” said Ms. Challenger.

“I thank the audience because this is a tremendous request from them. But it is important and necessary that it continues for some time now.

“I would also like to thank our colleagues and the efforts of the companies, the care sector, and the schools – all trying to prevent spread.”

In response to questions about the possibility of parts of the province moving to Level 3, both managers said the main focus should be on the existing Level 2 rules.

“There is a very basic message reaching our communities about not mingling families inside and preserving our space,” said Ms. Challenger.

“This is the area where transmission has occurred the most. But we always need to see this as an ongoing process.

“We all wonder if we can do more.”

A scheduled meeting Friday afternoon between cabinet ministers and MPs in Nottingham, It is possible that new restrictions have been removed in the city.

No future date has yet been set so Nottinghamshire for now remains at Level 2 as the weekend approaches.

Police said There will be a heavy presence throughout the city and towns To target large gatherings and home parties, in the wake of the recent spike in coronavirus cases.

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Last weekend, 10 students were sentenced to a fine of £ 200, and there was also a sum A birthday party in West Bridgeford and a hot tub party in Ritford disjointed by the officers.

Mr Gribbin said: “This first weekend is a really good opportunity to make sure everyone needs to keep these rules in mind.

“I also urge people across Nottinghamshire, if you have symptoms to call 119 and book a free test.

“This is a critical time for us as prices are rising very quickly.

“These measures are really important. We know and appreciate that it’s difficult for people, but we have to think not just about ourselves, but our communities, our families and the NHS.”