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Volvo Limousine in Business Studio. The S90 surprises you with its driving. Strength, but not only

Keyless system cars have one undeniable advantage. They are incredibly comfortable. To open the door or trunk, or even to start the engine, it is enough to approach the car with the key hidden in the bag or pocket, and there is no need to take it out.

Unfortunately, the system also has its drawbacks. New technologies have made it a little easier for car thieves who no longer have to get their hands on at least some of the equipped cars.
Keyless solution. It is enough to “stretch” the main signal using the so-called bags.

Volvo has found a solution to the problem. The car will call the police

Manufacturers have been struggling with this problem for some time now, using encryption in the keys that is more and more difficult to “stretch”, but a well-equipped thief can still steal even a new car. Now Volvo has come up with a new idea to fight criminals.

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Volvo has just been created Collaboration with Vodafone Automotive, and the result of this friendship is a new tracking device that can be optionally installed inside the car. The VTS S5 – as it is called – will allow the driver to control the vehicle’s position with an accuracy of 10 metres.

Moreover, after starting the car, the VTS S5 will try to locate a special card that the driver must always have with him, and if he does not find it, he will automatically notify the police of an attempt to steal the car. It will also recognize and notify services if thieves attempt to tow the vehicle, disconnect the battery, or tamper with the electrical system.

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Unfortunately, it is not known if (and how) the VTS S5 can handle devices that jam GSM and GPS signals. Thieves sometimes use them to prevent the owner of the car from locating it before they can take it apart. I also wonder if the car will also call the police when the car is towed away by authorized services.

For now, the solution will be offered in the UK and will be available on all new cars of the brand. It will cost approximately £600 (over PLN 3,250) on a three-year subscription. It is not clear if this option will also go to Poland.