Fascination with nature and its beauty, detachment from reality, the demand for experiences – this is how Krystyna Kunicka approaches painting. Her paintings can be admired during the exhibition, which will open on Friday (28.01).

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Christina Konica painting

In these moments of concentration, I let my feelings take control, then appear on canvas in the play of colors and lights, in the nuances of mood. Sometimes I apply paint in strong colors and contrasting combinations, and others in subtle, monochromatic transitions. I know what I want to achieve, so my thoughts turn to the concept, a certain synthesis, which is the result of the emotions and calm achieved during this time – says the writer, Christina Konica.

Kristina Konica is a graduate of the State High School of Fine Arts in Subriel and the Faculty of Art Education of the State College of Fine Arts in Pozna, she received a diploma in painting in 1989. She is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Polish Applied Art. He currently works as Head of the Department of Fine Arts at the Podlasie Institute of Culture in Białystok.

Kunicka’s works are landscapes in which the changes occurring in nature are clearly visible. Business is dynamic and expressive. Painted with a steady hand. The colors in the artist’s paintings are expressive, often contrasting. Krystyna Kunicka shows her own vision of reality, full of color, change and ephemerality.

The exhibition will open on Friday (January 28) at 6.00 pm at the Podlasie Institute of Culture, Spodki, UL. Rocha 14.

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