Is Vicky Gabor getting ready for something special for his fans? Her music fans are anticipating the new music songs After a girl suggested on social media that I’m working on something new.

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Viki Gabor has recorded a song for the Netflix animation titled “Expedition to the Moon”. Here is the trailer

Vicki Gabor working on a new song? I suggested it with feelings

Viki did not reveal any details, but when asked about the premiere of the new movie songs, a series of feelings, thanks to which the singer’s fans concluded that she is working on a new song. The young singer has been suggesting on social media for some time that the news is coming, so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise.

“How was the weekend? I’m working on something new, can’t wait to show you this!” – Viki Gabor wrote on Instagram in early June.

Vicki Gabor recorded a song for the film. Tell us who you want to sing with

Viki Gabor – Winner of Eurovision Junior 2019

Vicki Gabor is a 14-year-old girl of Gypsy origin. She was born in 2007 in Germany. She spent her childhood in Poland, and later moved to Great Britain. Today he lives in Krakow. She became famous when she participated in “The Voice Kids” show. She reached the final with Thompson and Barron as coaches and finished second.

An expedition to the moonNetflix. Viki Gabor recorded a song promoting the movie “Expedition to the Moon”

In 2019, she represented Poland in the 17th Eurovision Song Contest for Youngthat happened in our country. Viki took first place in the competition. Famous for:at. From the songs “Superhero”, “Arm in arm” or “Getaway”. She also recorded the Polish version of the song “Rocket to the Moon” – “I want to come”. It comes from the latest “Expedition to the Moon” movie by director Glen Keane.

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