Zachodniopomorskie is the first region to invest in hybrid trains. Two of them are already operating from Szczecin to Kolobrzeg. The Voivodship Council informed that another 5 such vehicles were ordered. The investment will cost PLN 100 million net, but it will have a significant impact on passenger comfort and environmental protection.

Multiple two-engine units mean travel comfort and safety, as well as a great help in organizing rail transport. Hybrid cars will be operated where less than the entire track is electrified and a shorter or longer section must be powered by diesel engines.

Hybrid trains can run on electrified roads, and not all departments provide this. As Marshal Olgerd Gebelevich asserts: “They often use exhaust gas piping out of necessity, although, for example, a half-distance run can be done on a blaster.. In hybrid cars, the power source is switched, which saves fuel and reduces emissions. Dual drive helps protect the environment and improve the management of your rolling stock. Hybrid trains have not only modern engines, but also a very modernly designed and equipped passenger space, which travelers from Szczecin to Kolobrzeg really appreciate. We are the national leader in modernizing trains and improving the quality of passenger transport. We focus on safety and environmental protection. We have declared 2021 as the Environmental Year in West Pomerania. The purchase of hybrid trains is one of the most important projects that we want to implement.”

The ordered hybrid trains will be delivered in phases. Two out of five hybrids ordered will arrive in West Pomerania in mid-July. Trains will be plotted to indicate area codes.

The new vehicles will be operated from Szczecin to Kołobrzeg, Koszalin and Szczenik, but can also be successfully used to service the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway or to improve transportation to Julenio Airport.

Amber and green hybrid

These are two hybrid trains that are actually used by passengers. They are all equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet, monitoring, electronic passenger information system, fire alarm, defibrillator, stroller loading ramps, etc. There are 150 seats as well as 160 parking spaces for trolleys and space for bicycles.

The trains are produced by NEWAG SA from Nowy Sącz, the vehicles are equipped with the latest traffic safety systems, and have a maximum speed of 160 km / h (by car from the traction network) and 120 km / h (diesel engines).

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