The New York Times wrote: “There are various reasons for abandoning the second dose.” Some are concerned about the side effects of the next injection, which may include flu-like symptoms, and some say that a single dose sufficiently protects them.

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Often logistical considerations get in the way. Many US citizens are unable to leave their jobs or move to the point of vaccination. It happens that the same vaccination points cancel the second date because they do not have sufficient stocks of the specific Covid-19 lotion.

Relevant authorities

The New York Times acknowledges that a significant proportion of people were expected to miss the second dose. Currently, in the United States, about 8 percent of people vaccinated are affected by the first dose, but in some states the problem is even greater, as in Arkansas, it is already 11 percent. In total, in the United States, according to the calculations of “The New York Times”, there are more than 5 million people.

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This trend is worrying for authorities, who are grappling with ideas to stem the increase in the number of people who have only been partially vaccinated.

In Arkansas and Illinois, people who have not returned to the vaccination center are called in or sent text messages or messages. In South Carolina, on the other hand, several thousand doses were assigned to “late arrivals.”

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Limited immunity

“The CDC has only limited data about the effectiveness of anti-coronavirus preparations when doses are given more than six weeks apart. However, some countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada, administer doses of up to three or four months,” New York Times notes.

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Omission of the second dose is associated with decreased immunity. Compared to two doses, one injection produces a weaker immune response, including the more contagious types of Coronavirus.

This is also important because it is not known how long the immunity produced by the vaccine will last.

Historical criteria

The New York Daily reports that despite many “laggards,” the 92 percent follow-up rate is high “by historical standards.” About three quarters of people in the United States return to a second dose of the shingles vaccine.

In addition to being reminded to receive two injections, the US authorities have begun to face declining demand for vaccines.

In May, one of the government’s priorities will be to convince many skeptics in this country to use preparations to combat the Coronavirus.


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