Two tournaments in Toruń will finish the Grand Prix. After the ninth game, Artyom Aguta leads, ahead of Bartosz Szmirzlik by one point.

Both riders dominated the Grand Prix course. Of the nine tournaments he fought, they won four. Only at the inauguration was another motorway racer the best – Maciej Janowski. Agota has won the last two championships, but according to Wadisław Komarnicki, it doesn’t matter.

– The advantage is as if it did not exist, everything practically begins anew – says Władysław Komarnicki, Senator of the Republic of Poland, Honorary President of Staal Gorzow. – I’m doubly excited about competing in Toruń. As a Polish senator, ex-president of Stal – and Partek was a junior at that time – I would like to do everything that Poland is waiting for on the highways, and thus get to the gold.

– Heart and mind indicate that in Toruń Bartek he will put the title before us, because he is simply the best in the world – continues Komarnicki. – I don’t want to inflate the balloon, I don’t want Bartik to be under pressure, but on a professional level he probably doesn’t care that there are such expectations from him.

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The first tournament is in Toruń on Friday at 19.00 and the other on Saturday at the same time.

– Partek will want to win on Friday and give himself a comfortable advantage to make it easier on Saturday, but that probably won’t be possible. Currently, there is no difference and Artiom Łaguta is very good. The rules are dangerous for both. Komarnicki stressed that qualifying for the semi-finals is sufficient and there may be problems.

– If Bartik had succeeded, I’m afraid to think what he would have already done. Earning three singles world titles at this age was unbelievable. Something no one in the next generation will do – concluded Komarnicki.

The grand prize after the September 11 tournaments

1 – Artyom Lagota (Russia) 158

2- Bartosz Szmarzlick (Poland) 157

3 – Emil Sajvutdino (Russia) 121

4- Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 119

5- Ty and Wenden (Great Britain) 96

6 – Maciej Janowski (Poland) 95

7 – Leon Madsen (Denmark) 82

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8- Max Frick (Australia) 77

9 – Jason Doyle (Australia) 74

Anders Thomsen (Denmark) 63

11- Robert Lambert (Great Britain) 60

12 – Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) 53

13 – Dominic Kobera (Poland) 44

14- Matej Zagar (Slovenia) 41

15 – Oliver Berntzon (Sweden) 20

16- Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland) 19