American Kelsey Salmon’s birthday visit to the esthetician has turned into a nightmare. A 23-year-old girl from Georgia was attacked by the dog of the owner of this home service.

Kelsey Salmon described her story on social media.

According to her report, during a visit to a beautician at home, a small Chihuahua threw himself at the 23-year-old who was celebrating her birthday.

Quadruple biting of the woman’s right eyelid. An ambulance was called there and Salmon was taken to hospital.

‘It happened so quickly that I wasn’t aware exactly where he bit me,’ he says on TikToku.

The 23-year-old said she waited in the emergency room for 15 hours. Finally, she found herself in the operating room. During the two-hour operation, the doctors tried to sew up the eyelid – the operation worked. However, a woman should take special measures to prevent infection.

“The 658 reason why Chihuahuas are the worst dogs,” he joked on Twitter.

The 23-year-old’s report on TikTok was viewed by nearly two million users.

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