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Xia Po, the co-chair of the Taiwan Federation of the US House of Representatives, lost the midterm elections. The photo shows the Xia Pou Group of Taiwanese handicrafts. (CNA file image)

When the US midterm elections take place on November 8, voters enter the polls amid stagnation and inflation. Republicans have threatened to wrest control of the Senate and House of Representatives from Democrats, and if that is the case, Democratic President Biden will be constrained by Congress and fall into a limp situation in his second two years in office. Another implication of Republican control of both houses of Congress is that former President Donald Trump may be eager to return and run for the White House in 2024.

(Central News Agency, Toledo, Ohio, foreign comprehensive report on the ninth), Xia Bo, co-chair of the Taiwan Caucus in the US House of Representatives (Taiwan Caucus in the House of Representatives), lost the election in this midterm election to Democratic candidate Lansmann. Of the other three Speakers of the House of Representatives, two have been re-elected and one is about to retire.

The Associated Press reports that Steve Chabot, who won the first congressional elections in 1994, was defeated by Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman. After Ohio was redistricted, more districts in the pro-democracy city of Cincinnati were included in the Chapo district, giving Democrats a chance to defeat Chapo this year.

“I thought we could win and we almost won,” Shabu, 69, said after admitting defeat.

Chapeau, who was trying to win a 14th term in Congress, played his usual credentials as conservative during the campaign and didn’t get too close to former President Donald Trump.

Xia Bo and Democratic Representative Brad Sherman proposed the Law to Speed ​​Up Arms Transfers to Taiwan in September this year, with the aim of boosting the provision of defense materials to Taiwan.

In addition, on September 28, Michael McCaul, the top Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and 36 other members of Congress from the same party jointly proposed the House version of the “Taiwan Policy Act” (Taiwan Policy Act), and Chia Po It is also the suggestion of one of the representatives.

Currently, the four co-chairs of the Taiwan Federation of the House of Representatives are: Republican Mario Diaz-Balart, Republican Chia Po, Democrat Albio Ceres, and Democrat Kang Nuri (Gerald Connolly).

Sirius, 71, announced his retirement last year, and Dias Barrat and Connolly were re-elected in this election.

The two co-chairs of the Senate in the Taiwan bloc are Republican Jim Inhofe and Democrat Robert Menendez.

Inovy, 87, announced in February that he would retire and that Menendez would serve as a senator until 2025. (Translator: Yang Zhaoyan / Verification: Lin Zhiping) 1111109

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