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Olsztyn. Instead of a tank, fill the barrels with fuel in the trunk and go

police He determined that a 39-year-old man entered the building last Tuesday. “He was hanging around Stage At the beginning of the week, but eventually disappeared from our eyes. Mike Intalita, CEO of Landmark Theatre, said in an interview with “I don’t know if he wants to keep warm or use the bathroom,” he added.

Krakow. Piłsudski’s monument was destroyed. The police are looking for the culprits

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old spent two days crammed into the empty space between the men’s bathroom walls. It is not yet known how it got there. The prisoner hit the wall and called for help. A theater employee heard it and immediately called the emergency number – said John Kane, Vice President Firefighter Th Syracuse.

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Palma de Mallorca AirportDue to the passenger’s false illness, the plane landed in Palma de Mallorca

New York. A man stuck in the walls of the theater. They won’t accuse him

The firefighters carefully breached a wall made of several layers of drywall and clay tiles. They used a fiber-optic camera to locate the man. In the end, they found him naked and exhausted. Police told that the man was taken to hospital for observation. John Keane said the 39-year-old showed no visible injuries, but it was likely he was dehydrated. The police added that he was suffering from mental illnessConsequently, no charges will be brought against him and his name will not be revealed.

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“We are pleased that he is fine, that the staff were there to call for help and that the fire department was able to respond promptly and effectively,” he said.NEWSWEEKMike Intalita.

Russian Embassy in BerlinBerlin. The body of a Russian diplomat in front of the embassy. He was supposed to be a secret FSB officer