The Ukrainian ambassador to Poland admitted to “Studio Biznes” that the United States supplies Ukraine with most of the weapons. When asked which country comes second, he replied that it is comparable Great Britain and Poland.

What countries supply Ukraine with the most weapons? Deszczycia: Poland and Great Britain after the USA

– I don’t want to talk about details, but Poland gives a lot. You also have to look at the weapons that Poland has, Andriy Deszczycia said in “Business Studio”. See the short statement:

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Who supplies Ukraine with the most weapons? We ask the Ambassador of Ukraine

The heads of defense ministries of the European Union countries discussed, Tuesday, in Brussels, the issue of increasing EU funding, which allows the arming of Ukrainians. army Member States. Funds for the purchase and supply of arms to Ukraine will be increased to two billion dollars euro.

Poland considers that the amount should be higher. – The European Union decided to limit the refund to the amount of two billion euros, and this is certainly not enough. I raised this issue at the meeting of defense ministers yesterday and the opinion was shared by the EU chiefs of defense as well – he said Marius Paszczak.

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You can watch the full conversation with the Ukrainian ambassador in Poland on this link.