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United kingdom. Can restrictions be lifted by June 21?

In Great Britain, more and more cases of the Indian type are detected virus. Within a week, the number of infections with this mutation doubled – so far the numbers are still rather small, but they are increasing rapidly. Scientists warn that if the new mutation spreads at half the speed of the British boom, after restrictions were lifted in August, there would be up to 1,000 deaths a day.

England eases restrictions, despite rising numbers of Indian virus infections

According to some experts, the easing of restrictions should be slowed. As I mentioned BBCPrime Minister Boris Johnson admitted during a conference on Friday 14 May that India’s alternative to coronavirus may thwart plans to lift restrictions, but only from phase four.

United kingdom. The Indian alternative to the virus has become prevalent in four places

“We will continue our plan to move to Step Three in England from Monday, but I have to point out to you that this new option could seriously disrupt the lift and make it difficult to move to Step Four in June,” Johnson said on Friday. . I urge everyone to be very careful, because the elections that each of us will hold in the coming days will have a huge impact on the future – the Prime Minister pleaded.

All restrictions on social contacts will be lifted on June 21. However, the government announced that lifting restrictions in June depends, among other things, on whether vaccines will continue to be effective, and that the new variants will not fundamentally alter development risks. Epidemic.

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Crowds in Soho, London, on Monday, April 12, after some restrictions were liftedUnited kingdom. Crowds on city streets after bars open

As we wrote in early May, Great Britain decided to speed up the lifting of restrictions and, five weeks earlier than originally scheduled, lifted restrictions on the number of people attending funerals in England. It will enter into force on May 17. After that, the ban on unjustified trips abroad will also be lifted, galleries and museums will open, as well as indoor gastronomy, and the limit for outdoor group meetings will increase to 30 people. It will be the third phase of lifting restrictions in the country, which will be smooth.