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Trump at the conference: I admire Erdogan [ENG]

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met during the summit NATO In Brussels with the President of the United States, Joe Biden. According to the comments of politicians, the discussion was fruitful. Still in April Biden Angered Ankara, he considered the 1915 massacre of Armenians a genocide.

Biden met with Erdogan. “Very good meeting”

According to the gate AlJazeeraErdogan described the meeting with Biden as “productive and honest.” Talks focused on cooperation on regional issues.

“We believe that there is no unsolvable problem in Turkish-US relations,” the president said. Turkey.

On the other hand, Biden was describing the conversation with Erdogan as a “very good meeting” during which the politicians had a “positive and productive discussion” on “how to move forward on many issues.”

“Our teams will continue discussions and I am confident that we will make real progress in Turkey’s relationship with the United States,” Biden said, citing Biden. Reuters.

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Relations between Turkey and the United States will improve? In April, Biden angered Erdogan

How we wroteIn April, the President of the United States issued a statement calling the 1915 massacre of Armenians a “genocide.” It was an unprecedented historical announcement Washington He did not comment explicitly on these events so as not to worsen relations United States of America with Turkey. The reaction was immediate. The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the statement President The United States insists on those words Biden “They have no scientific basis” and “no evidence supports them,” and the president himself is not morally empowered to issue such opinions.

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– I hope the US President withdraws his announcement as soon as possible. If you are talking about genocide, you have to look in the mirror and make an assessment. Native American case – I don’t even need to mention what happened. it’s clear – Erdogan himself commented at the time.

Turkey PresidentTurkey denounced the Istanbul Agreement. ‘devastated’, ‘step back’