This means that truck drivers entering Germany on a route from Great Britain are not exempt from the obligation to provide tests for COVID-19. Truck drivers are therefore required to present a negative antigen test result (valid for a maximum of 24 hours) or a PCR test (valid for a maximum of 72 hours) upon entry into Germany. This applies to all transport workers, including those who have been vaccinated and convicted.

What about quarantine?

In addition, an exception to the registration and quarantine obligation only applies to transportation workers, such as truck drivers, if they are in the virus variant area for Less than 72 hours in the last ten days before entry and you will be less than 72 hours in the Federal Republic of Germany. This means that truck drivers who have been in Great Britain for more than 3 days must register and undergo a 14-day quarantine after returning to Germany.

Severe lockdown in the Netherlands

The Netherlands introduced the so-called strict insurance. This means the closure of shops (except for basic necessities), schools, restaurants and bars. These restrictions will be in effect until January 14, 2022. However, gas stations and convenience stores will remain open, the Dutch transport organization TLN reports. Gastronomy at gas stations on the main road network is open only to professional drivers. employment On the organization’s website you will find a list of the main network routes, where buildings may remain open to truck drivers.