Hiddenfjord, a family-owned Faroe Islands company that supplies fresh salmon to North America and Europe, has won the 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Hiddenfjord was awarded SEAL (Short for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) in the Environmental Initiatives category to significantly reduce transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions. , which decreased by 94%, then as in the last year, the company changed the method of transportation from air to sea.

“Our core value is sustainability, and our core belief is that what we do today should not be an obstacle to our future,” said Attlee Grigersen, owner and CEO of Hiddenfjord. We humbly accept this award, recognizing that we must all take on a greater responsibility to bring about change today. As the current rulers of the planet, we owe it to future generations not only to talk about sustainable development, but also to take direct steps towards its creation.

Hiddenfjord ceased using air transportation in October 2020, making it the first salmon farmer in the world to focus solely on more sustainable transportation. In a video released to mark the anniversary of this landmark event, the company described how the use of sea freight ships to provide customers with fresh salmon has significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

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