yesterday Ubisoft unexpectedly looking at About Last week’s “incident” related to the company’s cybersecurity. It caused connectivity issues in game control systems and developer services.

Anxiety claims that No confidential player data has been leaked And no unauthorized person has been able to access it – or at least there is no evidence of it.

attention! We also advise every player using the Ubisoft Connect platform to change their password, just in case.

According to the comments posted on the site DowndetectorAnd the Some “accidents” actually happened eight days ago. Then users complained of problems logging in to the Ubisoft Connect platform and using online gaming functions such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege if Far Cry 5.

Interestingly, four days ago, the world heard about a hacking attack by the “LAPSUS $” group on servers Samsung. In addition, at the beginning of this month, the team successfully launched an attack against the company nvidia. As a result of the demands not being met, the hackers exposed the data of his employees and sent new employees Threats. It is also possible that the “LAPSUS$” group is also responsible for this alleged attack on Ubisoft.

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